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Torrent Iron Man 3

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Torrent Iron Man 3

TorrentFreak released the "BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2013" featuring the top 50 search terms on Kickass Torrents. YIFY is a movie release group that is among the first to release torrents of new movies. A quick look at Kickass Torrent reveals search terms for "YIFY," "YIFY 1080p," "YIFY 720p" and "YIFY 2013."

YIFY has its own Torrent website, but its releases have populated other BitTorrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, 1337x and Kickass Torrents, and the group has become a trusted source for new content for pirates around the world. Speaking to TorrentFreak, YIFY's founder explains the group's success as a combination of speed and efficiency, providing torrents of new movies in a small file size that can be quickly downloaded. "I personally think that many people are following and downloading YIFY encodes due to the consistency we offer in our releasing. Everything from the consistent film cover art, to the information layout, and ultimately to the file-size of our encodes," YIFY's founder said.

As for how YIFY is able to upload new torrents so quickly, its founder credits leaked Blu-rays from friends, TorrentFreak reported. YIFY's increased popularity has made it a target for the movie industry, but the group's founder believes Hollywood should learn from the success of BitTorrent. Instead of single-item purchases, the industry could focus more on subscription models or new ways to give access to content.

After YIFY, the most popular BitTorrent search terms are for popular movies and television series. "World War Z," starring Brad Pitt, was a huge hit at the box office, earning $540 million worldwide, and it was just as popular as a torrent. The most popular "World War Z" torrent was uploaded by YIFY and features more than 6,000 seeders, the name given to people hosting the file. "Iron Man 3" was the highest grossing movie of the year, according to Box Office Mojo, and it was the third most popular search on Kickass Torrents.

An interesting trend in the "BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2013" is the lack of video game, software, music, sports, concert or adult content searches. The "Grand Theft Auto V" torrent only has a few hundred seeders while the "Call of Duty: Ghosts" torrent has just over 2,000 seeders. The only software to make the top 50 was Windows 8, TorrentFreak reported.

That's not to say these torrents are not popular; it's possible the searches may reflect the quality of the download. A new album will have a consistent quality across all torrent files, with even the lowest quality being acceptable to most listeners. Movies run the gamut from Blu-ray quality to shaky camera recordings in theaters, and users may search to find the best quality torrent possible.

With 2013 coming to a close, it's interesting to look back on some of the events of the year, the hardware releases, the news stories: which is why KickassTorrents has collated the results of the most common torrent searches throughout the year on its main site, providing some interesting results.

Many of the top 10 are big movies from this year, like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, World War Z (I bet a few are happy they didn't pay for that one) and popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter, though the number one spot is an interesting one. It's Yify, the name of a movie ripping group that has risen among the mounds of other torrent providers with its consistence and low file sizes. Often the quality of its releases (particularly the audio) isn't as high as other uploaders, but it's the fact that you see the name appear on torrent after torrent that has seen this group come to dominate the scene in 2013.

The shoreline runs for nearly three miles southward along the base of Jebel Usdum, and then sweeps sharply round to the east, leaving on the south a naked, miry plain called Sabkah, ten miles long from north to south by about six wide. It is in summer coated with a saline crust, but is so low that when the water is high a large section of it is flooded. Numerous torrent beds from the salt range on the west, and from the higher ground of the Arabah on the south, run across it, converting large portions into impassable swamps. On its southern border the old diluvium terrace rises like a white wall to a height of more than two hundred feet. It is only on getting close to it that the sides are seen to be rent and torn into a thousand fantastic forms by winter torrents and the wearing away of the softer deposits. The Sabkah is bounded on the east by Wady Tufeileh, one of the principal drains of the Arabah, and containing a brackish, perennial stream.

The Peninsula of el-Lisan, "the Tongue" SEE BAY, is the most remarkable feature on the eastern shore. It juts out opposite the great ravine of Kerak. The neck connecting it with the mainland is a strip of low, bare sand, measuring five miles across. In outline the peninsula bears some resemblance to the human foot, the toe projecting northward and forming a sharp promontory. Its length is about nine miles, and from the heel or southwestern point to the southern shoreline is seven miles. The main body is a Post-tertiary deposit composed of layers of marl, gypsum, and sandy conglomerate, manifestly coeval with the great diluvial terrace, and corresponding with it in elevation. The top is a table land, broad towards the south, but gradually narrowing to a serried ridge at the northern end. It is white and almost entirely destitute of vegetation. The surface is all rent and torn by torrent beds; and the sides are worn away into pyramidal masses resembling lines and groups of white tents. It is worthy of special note that in the wadys and along the shores pieces of sulphur, bitumen, rock salt, and pumice stone are found in great profusion. Probably, if examined with care, geological phenomena similar to those in Wady Mahawat might be found on this peninsula, and some additional light thus thrown upon the destruction of the cities of the plain. Poole says "the soil appeared sulphurous" (Journal R.G.S. 26, 62-64).

doubtful passage in Josephus (see Reland, Paloest. p. 252), and a reference by Edrisi (ed. Jaubert, in Ritter, Jordan, p. 700) to an occasional venture by the people of "Zara and Dara" in the 12th century, are all the remaining allusions to the navigation of the lake known to exist, until Englishmen and Americans launched their boats on it for purposes of scientific investigation. The temptation to the dwellers in the environs must always have been to ascend to the fresher air of the heights, rather than descend to the sultry climate of the shores. It is not strange that the Dead Sea was never navigated to any extent: fish do not exist in it, and the sterile character of the shores made water transit of little importance.

In the mean while Carrier swelled the revolutionary torrent at Nantes with other noyades, of which it appears that there were twenty-three expeditions. These noyades, or drowning scenes, were at first shrouded in the darkness of night; but familiarity with crimes having worn off all shame, they were afterwards executed in open day. There was also some appearance of regard for the sufferings of these unhappy victims in the beginning,Page 41since they were left ignorant of the fate that awaited them till the moment of execution; believing that they were only going to be transferred to Belle-Isle, an island at the mouth of the river. There was something like mercy also in the construction of the drowning-boats, since the drawing of a bar of iron ingulphed the victims in an instant; and Carrier, in his first dispatches to the convention, had the modesty as well as the ingenuity of his prototype Anicetus, who, history says, proposed this mode to Nero, and furnished him with excuses for drowning his mother*. But thePage 42crimes of these monsters being at length naturalized into manners, they grew weary of common murders, and invented new modes of destruction. Other vessels were fitted up for the reception of prisoners, which had various conveniences, among others a salle à manger (a dining-room), where Carrier and his committee sometimes feasted. In these vessels the prisoners were confined till a noyade was to take place. At one time eight hundred persons of both sexes, and of different ages, from fifteen to fourscore, were precipitated into the river. Where the love of life discovered itself in these unfortunate victims by clinging to the barges, when in the struggle their hands became untied, the murderers amused themselves with cutting them with their sabres, or knocking them on the head with their poles. Some of those victims were destined to die a thousand deaths; innocent young women were unclothedPage 43in the presence of the monsters; and, to add a deeper horror to this infernal act of cruelty, were tied to young men, and both were cut down with sabres, or thrown into the river; and this kind of murder was called a republican marriage.

The man known formally as Steve Rogers left a torrent of torment behind when he left his soulmates. For those he left behind all struggle to pick up the pieces. To carry on like they knew he would want them to.


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