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Elizabeth - The Golden Age Film Free Watch Online

As the Spanish Armada begins its approach up the English Channel, Elizabeth forgives Bess and sets Raleigh free to join Sir Francis Drake in the battle. The ships of the Armada vastly outnumber England's, but a storm blows the Armada toward the beaches, endangering its formation and becoming vulnerable to English fire ships. Elizabeth, atop her coastal headquarters, walks out to the cliffs and watches the Spanish Armada sink in flames as the English prevail.

Elizabeth - The Golden Age Film Free Watch Online

Boston Public Library's teen volunteer program has gone remote! As part of this program, local high schoolers will be sharing their thoughts on books, movies, and more on our blog. Recently Deborah Adebanjo, a local junior, watched Elizabeth, the Golden Age. Check out her thoughts out the film below!

The Film: Philip of Spain, king of the most powerful nation in the world, is waging a holy war against Europe, subjugating it to the Catholic faith with England being the only country to stand against him. Philip is entirely motivated by his faith and his devotion borders on mental instability. Philip tells his daughter Isabella that they must remove Elizabeth setting England free from the devil. The child Isabella remains mute throughout the film, so it is unknown whether she approves or disproves of his actions, though she faithfully carries a doll of Elizabeth. Intending to place Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne Philip almost deforests Spain in order to build the Armada, his efforts are hastened when Mary is executed and his attention turns to making the young Isabella Queen of England. It transpires that Philip knowingly orchestrated the Babington Plot, manipulating Mary, Queen of Scots and Walsingham so that he would have justification to attack England. Philip calls for a holy war on England and launches the Armada. When it fails Philip tearfully accepts the loss of the fleet as the will of God but is shunned by the Cardinals and his daughter. He dies ten years later having bankrupted Spain to fund the expedition.

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