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Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez

Piste 5.05: The Ultimate Tool for Platform Game Development on Windows 64-bit

here is a short clip from the dragon quest 5 footage. i suggest checking it out, youll appreciate the polished quality of the music and animation too. i absolutely love this segment from dragon quest 5. probably the highlight of the whole game from my perspective. you can also check out more clips from the game on the youtube channel .

Piste 5.05 windows 64 bits

for all you ps4 users out there who cant play the ps4, ps vita and ps4 cross play via remote play, this is another good way to play your games. its also interesting to see that grand theft auto 5, forza horizon 3 and nier gestalt also support it. yet, we have yet to see a new service made available to enable us to play our playstation games on xbox one.

anyways, the entire world of gaming was about to have its shift into the much more powerful world of 16-bits, and the 8-bit was now falling away. it was around this time that the number of bits began to shift to 16-bits. that meant that basically all our games were about to use 16-bits, and that was starting to throw up a few surprises for us. one of them was that this meant that all our games needed to be rewritten. games such as sonic 2 on the sega mega drive had a difficult time fitting into the 16-bit world. sega could not actually do 32-bit games at this time, so they developed an amazing technique where they made sonic 2 play as an 8-bit game so that it could play on 32-bits. they also developed a method of having sonic play on an 8-bit version of the genesis but then talk to a 32-bit program, allowing the 32-bit program to make sonic move and object at a 16-bit resolution so that it could then be rendered on the sega 16-bit super sprite to look like a 32-bit game, basically just a video-on-disc sprite system. they could then run this video on the supersprite at a fully realised resolution, allowing them to move sonic through the game. sonic 2 on the mega drive is one of segas best games. its true. it was amazing when it was released. it still is!


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