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Princess And Conquest


Princess And Conquest

There are a number of reigns, each with a princess as their leader. Anon may choose to befriend each such princess by conversing with them and doing quests. Below is a list of princesses currently in the game.

Sleep powder is a sleep-inducing item used to sneak into princesses' bedrooms. It's easily bought in the Tavern at night by Trevor for 500 swirlies. Trevor stands on the left side of the counter in the Tavern. Speaking to Trevor, you might be inquired to steal Princess Panties, which you can bring back to him after sneaking into the bedrooms.

Sleep PowderTypeItemsEffectsLulls a princess' guards to sleep at night, allowing The Knight to sneak in and steal her panties while she sleeps.SourceSold by Trevor at night in the TavernCost to buy500Cost to sell250Enter a Princess' reign, and use it on the guard standing infront of the passage or door when prompted to. This will initiate an infiltration to a princess' quarters, and the player has to avoid guards to reach a princess' bedroom. In their bedroom, the player may have sex with a princess to impregnate them, given that the player has the required amount of princess affinity. Later, the player can sneak in again after said princess has given birth to an heir to elope with them (recruit) and leave the reign to the heir. However, some princesses have different methods. For more information on getting princesses into your party: Recruiting Princesses.

It is possible to recruit many of the princesses in the game, at which point they can travel with, fight with, and camp with the Knight. Spending time with them at a campsite may cause new, otherwise unavailable scenes to play or allow the Knight to have sex with them. Kobold Princess is automatically recruited during the intro (or at the game's start if the intro is skipped,) but the others must be recruited by the Knight in other ways.

There are several standard methods for recruiting a princess who is the leader of her own reign . See the list of princesses below for special cases and exceptions. Some methods require princess affinity, which is represented as hearts on the princess' status screen. Press S on the world map to access these screens.

Some princesses can only be recruited by doing their Routes. They may not always be available as party members during their Routes, and in some cases the player may not have the option to explore the world and interact with them freely at any point. These princesses (v0.16.14) are:

Absolutely wonderful game, reminiscent of old school RPGs. But, I also feel like the game is a little punishing on choosing one princess route. In my opinion (not that anyone asked) it would be wonderful to have a laid-back adventure mode where it doesn't end with just picking one, rather you can choose all the princesses in one complete playthrough.

20 reigns are no big deal, you say? Let me explain how the game works then. At the beginning of the game all the reigns will be at peace with each other, but as time passes (there's a day/night cycle), even if the player decides to just sit on the map, some of them will grow stronger than other ones (depending on racial attributes, their wealth accumulating and other random factors to spice things up). If the gap reaches critical levels war ensues. Of course the Player can help maintain peace, outright favor one of the 20 princesses (directly or not), or just watch the world burn from afar. COMBATThe combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to get your blood running. There's also Battle Rape and dedicated lewd stats that will help you manage your party members! You want a Princess to be a slut? Boost her Lust score as she gains levels. You want to protect her smile? Stay away from Lust points and shove them in Power if you want to make her stronger in battle, If you want her to have eyes only for you, invest her points into Love.QUESTSWit


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