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Description:You take the role of Dylan who is in senior high school and lives with his mom and older sister. His town is famous with lots of beautiful women. Then all the sudden he gets in touch with goddess named Athena and turns out he's a relative to the god Zeus. That gives him all chances to become the god of lust and fulfill all his sexual desires.Version: Updated: 2022-12-08, Posted: 2020-03-24. Request for an Update!


The game is horrible, the grammar is very bad and the boob proportions are uncanny. On top of that, there is no quest log or anything telling you where to go, I spent 10 minutes looking for the first thing. The story base seems good though: a high schooler turned into the god of lust, the game was just made bad.

TS: You once again have tons of variant covers to choose from, this time with 22 different options. Some of them are uncensored versions, sure, but how many is too many in your mind? Have found that there are diminishing returns at a certain point? (perhaps 22, eh?) Does this ever cause headaches in fulfillment, if nothing else?

IF: We have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but the best option would be to join our official Discord fan server where you can chat with Izumi and gain access to freebies, sneak peaks, uncensored images, and even get to vote on facets of projects we work on. Of course following us on Kickstarter is also a wise decision!

The Holy Grail is a spiritual artifact, so only astral entities, such as Servants, are capable of touching it. This forces Masters and Servants to cooperate with each other against rival pairs, even if a situation entails fighting to the death. A Master can control a Servant with three Command Spells, which are crystallized miracles issued by the Holy Grail that manifest on a Master's hand. When activated, a Command Spell permits the Servant to accomplish an incredible feat, or permits the Masters to issue an irrevocable and absolute order to the Servant. In the event of a Master's demise, a Servant may choose to bind him or herself to another Master. If a Servant is slain, a Master may ally with a wayward Servant, or pursue sanctuary with the Holy Grail War's impartial supervisor, who is traditionally a delegate of the Church. 041b061a72


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