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Stephen King On Writing Epub File

Can I write a book in Atticus? Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, it's even built in with goal tracking and other tools that make writing in Atticus a way to increase your writing momentum.

Stephen King On Writing Epub File

Scrivener is an amazing creative writing software developed by Literature & Latte that lets you view multiple documents at once, set writing goals, leave yourself brainstorming comments for later, and even import research files to keep on hand.

Within Scrivener, you open projects, not documents. Its developers realized that one project itself can entail endless files and folders and spreadsheets, so they made it incredibly simple to navigate through multiple documents within the same Scrivener project. Also, you can find some excellent Scrivener templates for just about every creative writing form out there.

What this means, however, is that there is no offline functionality. The functions of the editor are also rather simple when compared to a more robust writing program like Scrivener, or a formatting program like Atticus. Regardless, it can still be a useful tool if you are looking for something that's free.

Mistakes are often overlooked by the writer. Your brain lets you make grammar mistakes (even if you know better). When a writer is working on a piece of writing over a long period of time that has been rewritten and revised, it is even easier to read mistakes the way you intended to write them versus the way it is written in reality.

It is common to have multiple drafts of your writing. When you use Livescribe you have a physical and digital copy immediately. Not only can a writer organize notes and access them anywhere, but they can also add voice memos to specific areas quicker than writing them all out. Another plus is that all notes can be stored via the cloud, taking up less space on your device. It also becomes easier to access these notes through document searching via the app than traditional pen and paper. It is common to have multiple drafts of your writing.

Dramatica is intended to help writers discover gaps in their writing by unpacking what the author is saying literally. In doing so, authors receive an unbiased, literal interpretation of their work to see if it matches what they are intending to say.

Overview: EndNote is focused on making the research portion of writing as painless as possible. It offers thousands of research databases, an array of citation styles, a reference library builder, paper construction, and the ability to collaborate.

In The Shining, Jack Torrance has a new job as the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric Overlook Hotel, and he is looking forward to a fresh start. He plans to reconnect with his family and work on his writing. But as the harsh winter weather arrives, the Hotel feels remote and even sinister. Strangely, the only one who notices is Danny Torrance, a uniquely gifted five-year-old child.

Firestarter is a story about hallucinogenic drugs, their lasting impact on the human body, and pyrokinetic abilities. With government conspiracies backing up this sci-fi horror novel, it is one of the greatest works King has ever authored. A wealth of real-life conspiracies and true events assisted in the story's overall creation, making it all the more fascinating. As of this writing, Universal and Blumhouse are worked together to bring Firestarter to life as a full feature for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Aaron Mahnke: For about eight and a half years, before I started Lore, I worked as a graphic designer. I was running my own freelance business working for clients all over the world, and in my spare time I was doing what I really love to do, which is writing supernatural thrillers.

If I'm doing any writing on my iPad (and I do a little, usually with my wireless keyboard) I use Pages (which is my main word processor on my iMac, although I do all my first drafts in Scrivener). It's perfectly functional on the iPad, though obviously the screen is smaller. Apple's iCloud is effective, automatically updating documents between different iPods and iPads, but if I make a change on my computer it doesn't appear on my iPad. I have to upload it to (simple drag and drop) and the new file appears on my iPad. I do hope someday there is full synchronization between all mac devices, of course. But this is workable.

Well a few posts ago I told you how I miraculously sold more books than Stephen King (in a 48 hour period)!Well, now I can report to you the amazingly stupendous results. Yes, this is breaking news folks! Last month DUST sold a whopping 1355 copies. Since the highest monthly total before that was 360 copies, I was bountifully pleased by this result. Now Dust was selling for $1.49 (that's .52 cents per book for me) for the majority of those sales and then I bumped it up to 1.99. (or .70 cents a book). The book has slowly dropped down the sales charts (from a high in the 600's) and seems to be levelling out at about 10000 on the sales charts in the US (and 4000 on the UK charts). That equals about 10 sales a day (but since I've bumped the price up to 2.99 I am making 2.05 per sale). I don't know how long it will hold at this level. What, you want to see an amazing chart? Here it is:That chart shows dust jumping up from abut 160,000th place to 600th. Then slowly falling back down. Apparently what goes up must come down. Thanks a lot for the gravitational laws Newton!At one point I had told myself I'd be happy if I made about $1000.00 in the space of a year. Since that goal was surpassed in the space of a month...well, I'm green with happiness. I don't expect next month's sales to be anywhere near the same amount as September. But if they continue at the level they're at today (about 10,000 on the charts) I'll actually make as much money through fewer sales (because at 2.99 I make a 70% royalty, at .99-2.98 it's a 35% royalty).Here's the overall sales chart:Isn't that pretty? And it has different colours, too. The blue colour represents the sales of DUST. But you can see that a few of my other books are starting to pick up a bit (in fact every book had increased sales over last month). The total for all books was 1467 copies sold.So last month was a good one. And this month I now have all three of The Hunchback Assignments books available on kindle UK (in fact I'm giving away the first one to get my British cousins to try the series). We'll see if that strategy works.Over and out,Art October 3, 2011 Arthur Slade arthur slade, book sales, epub, horror, ibooks Tagged: arthur slade, bestselling, ebooks, kindle, writing

From my experience of publishing two fiction books on kindle, actually writing them and publishing them was the easy part. Trying to publicise your work, get sales and push your books up the rankings is a very hard slog. Perhaps it may become easier the more books you publish because then it becomes a numbers game like having more chance of winning a prize the more entry tickets you buy.For anyone contemplating self publishing, it is hard work but on the up side, very satisfying

Scarlett Rugers (writing as Scarlett Archer) has just released a book 1001 First Lines which is now available at Amazon! You can purchase a paperback, .lit, .epub, .mobi and PDF versions HERE. 350c69d7ab


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