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Valentine Ignatov
Valentine Ignatov

Heavyocity Damage: The Ultimate Cinematic Percussion Library for Kontakt

This is the third installment of this brilliant series from the folks at Native Instruments. The first two were Damage 1 and Damage 2, and these are just as amazing as the original. This sounds packs about a 30 minute collection of sounds ranging from harsh percussion, industrial sounds, and dangerous city noise to deep and clean basses. The instruments have great variation, and youll be able to get your hands on some great drum loops, bass loops, and bass sounds. The included folders feature a full set of software for Kontakt that includes Kontakt 5 instruments, and the original Damage instruments, including the traditional and Hybrid instruments, and many more.

Native Instruments Heavyocity Damage KONTAKT.torrent


Soundkonnexi is a hotbed for electronic music artists and musicians of all kinds, so we partnered with Native Instruments to provide an unparalleled selection of royalty-free samples to users. This allows you to not only get high quality, new content but also put it right into your DAW. The sound quality is superb. They also provide downloadable and demo versions of the sample packs as well as a free sound library.

The Ed-Mode Kits are a trio of instructional kits from ED-Mode. ED-Mode is the latest product created by Native Instruments and is an unusual new addition to their drum sample collection. It contains 90 awesome drum sound samples, with a cool GUI where you can alter and morph all the samples to your own unique sound.


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