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The Song Dance For You By Beyonce

"Dance for You" is a song by American singer Beyoncé for the deluxe edition of her fourth studio album, 4 (2011). It was written by Beyoncé, Terius "The-Dream" Nash and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, while production was handled by the former two. "Dance for You" is a midtempo R&B song, in which Beyoncé adopts sensual vocals. The instrumental elements used on it include echoing drum patterns and clapping synthesizers. In "Dance for You", Beyoncé, as the female protagonist, speaks of the love she has for her man and about all the things she will do to show him her appreciation.

The Song Dance For You By Beyonce

"Dance for You" was well received by contemporary music critics, who noted its similarity to songs by Janet Jackson; they also praised its production and Beyoncé's vocals. Following the release of 4, "Dance for You" charted at number 200 on the South Korean International Singles Chart, and at number 147 on the UK Singles Chart. Though the song was never released as a single, it appeared on several charts in the United States based on radio support. "Dance for You" reached number 78 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number six on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Its music video was directed by Beyoncé and Alan Ferguson. The clip debuted on November 25, 2011 and was placed on the concert DVD Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 (2011). Inspired by 1940s film noir, the video is shot in black-and-white and captures Beyoncé dancing and flipping her hair in a detective's office to seduce him. Critics wrote that the video contains some of Beyoncé's best and most sensual moves, called her a femme fatale, and commented that its concept effectively matched the song's lyrics. The song was part of Beyoncé's set list during her residency show Revel Presents: Beyoncé Live (2012) and The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour (2013).

"Dance for You" was written by Beyoncé, Terius "The-Dream" Nash and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, with production by Beyoncé and Nash.[2] The song was recorded at MSR Studios in New York City and Real World Studios at Box, Wiltshire.[2] It was made available on the deluxe edition of 4, which was available for purchase at Target Corporation until January 2012.[3] The deluxe edition was released to iTunes Stores on January 2, 2012.[4] It includes two additional tracks, "Schoolin' Life" and "Lay Up Under Me", and three remixes of "Run the World (Girls)" (2011).[3] "Dance for You" is a midtempo R&B song with a sensual vibe.[5][6] In the song, Beyoncé sexifies her vocals and sings over echoing drum patterns,[7] an electric guitar,[8] a bluesy guitar, church organs, and clapping synthesizers.[9] "Dance for You" bears resemblance to Janet Jackson's work.[7] Thematically, the song is similar to Beyoncé's "Speechless" (2003) and Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U" (2005); it is about showing appreciation and gratitude.[8][10][11]

In "Dance for You", Beyoncé, as the female protagonist, expresses her feelings to her man and tells him how devoted she is to him.[11][12] Jocelyn Vena of MTV News wrote that the song is "about keeping things hot with her man".[5] Echoing Vena's sentiments, Marc Hogan of Spin magazine described the lyrics as detailing a "triumphantly monogamous relationship".[9] In the first verse, Beyoncé sings about how understanding, loyal, and patient her man is. She further states that she really cares about his heart, she has a lot of valuable things to say, and that for all these reasons, she is going to dance for him.[12]

On October 20, 2012, a remix of the song featuring a rap verse from American rapper T.I. was released online.[16] His rap appears at the three and a half minute mark of the song as he sings about "how he loves it when his lady gives it to him dirty when no one is around" and "lives out his fantasy with candlelight (for a little ambiance), lingerie and Louis Vuitton".[16] He later adds, "I just want to watch the moon glisten off your body... I really just want to peel you out dem clothes and show you how excited I am to lay you down right now."[17] The remix was well received by music critics. A writer of Vibe magazine commented that it "is sultry and will steam up any club, bedroom or wherever you like to get dirty".[16] A writer of Rap-Up magazine described the remix as "amazing", adding that "[t]he bedroom will be banging to this remix".[17] Similarly, X. Alexander of the website Idolator praised the remix, writing that T.I.'s vocals make the "smooth, bedroom-ready R&B track that much sexier".[18]

Idolator's staff members wrote that "Dance for You" is a "dangerously slick slow-jam".[19] Similarly, Carrie Batta of Pitchfork Media commented that the song is an "impeccable slow jam".[20] Describing the song as "saucy", Pip Ellwood of Entertainment Focus wrote that "Dance for You" is the best of the three deluxe tracks.[7] Natalie Finn of E! Online described the song as a "come-hither love letter to the man in her life, set to a sultry beat".[14] By contrast, Joshua Glossner of The Daily Collegian found the song to be too lengthy, adding, "Well I hope she hurries up and shows him how much she loves him before the eternity-long track is done." He further noted that "Dance For You" immediately reminded him of Ciara's "Promise" (2006).[21] Marc Hogan of Spin magazine found "Dance for You" to be "a sort of strip-club jam set, as with the rest of the album".[9] He added that the song would fit squarely on a track by The Weeknd, owing to "the bluesy guitar and smoky organ".[9] However, he concluded that "it's not exactly worth plunking down another 32 bucks for".[9] Danielle Cheesman of MSN Music showed high favoritism for "Dance for You", writing:

'Dance for You' puts [Beyoncé] in the bedroom. Clocking in at over 6 minutes, the song of seduction plays as if it was being undressed, much like [Beyoncé] is, piece by piece, lyric for lyric. As with'Speechless' and 'Cater 2 U', [she] often forgoes the independent woman anthems and beautiful power ballads to remind us that she is a real sexual being rather than a formulated sex symbol. It is breathy, but not boring. It does not chronicle innocent lovemaking with sugarcoated terms, but the grittier things that really go down when you are completely comfortable (and overly confident) with, as she puts it, the person 'you'd like to thank, in case you don't thank them enough'.[8]

For the week ending July 30, 2011, "Dance for You" debuted at number 200 on the South Korean International Singles Chart, selling 3,142 digital downloads.[23] For the week ending March 29, 2012, the song became the sixth song from 4 to chart on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs as it debuted at number 76.[24][25] "Dance for You" entered the top ten of the chart issue dated September 29, 2012 at number 10.[25] It became Beyoncé's nineteenth top 10 as a soloist and extended her lead for the most top 10s among female artists since 2000.[25] "Dance for You" marked the third time Beyoncé had claimed a quartet of top 10s from a single album.[25] "Dance for You" continued its ascension on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart until it reached its peak position at number 6.[26] On the US Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, the song marked Beyoncé's fifth top 10 - the first time she has claimed five top 10s on that tally from one album.[25] For the week ending September 22, 2012, "Dance for You" debuted at number 100 on the US Billboard Hot 100.[27] It later reached a peak at number 78.[27]

An accompanying music video for "Dance for You" was co-directed by Beyoncé and Alan Ferguson.[28][29][30] It was filmed in a vintage New York City-styled office before Beyoncé's baby bump started showing.[31][32] Two previews of the video were posted online on November 21, 2011.[5] In the first preview, Beyoncé wears pants, garters and a wrap dress as she performs a sexy dance routine on a desk while a man watches her dance.[5] In the second preview, she wears the same outfit and dances seductively in front of a chair in an office as the camera cuts to the man, who is watching her.[5][6] Beyoncé pays homage to German-American actress and singer Marlene Dietrich in the video[1] as she channels a 1920s-inspired look and stars as a screen siren.[31][33] In the behind-of the-scene of the video, Beyoncé said:

Beyoncé performed the song for the first time as a part of her residency show Revel Presents: Beyoncé Live in Revel Atlantic City.[45] The performance featured Beyoncé leading a group of ten dancers to perform a choreographed bump and grind dance.[46] While performing the choreography, Beyoncé did not sing the song live, but was accompanied vocally by her three backup vocalists, the Mamas.[46] The performance of "Dance for You" was later included on the live album Live in Atlantic City (2013) which was filmed during the revue.[47] "Dance for You" was also performed during the opening shows of the first leg of Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.[48][49]

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