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[S3E14] SilANT Night

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A raid on a toxic waste dump goes terribly wrong when K.I.T.T. is destroyed. In an attempt to rebuild the supercar, the Foundation must call in the original team assembled by Wilton Knight, but there are fears that the car will never be the same again...

Bonnie and Devon call in the original team assembled by Wilton Knight who designed and realized K.I.T.T. -- Dr. Von Voorman, Dr. Breeland, and Dr. Yamata. Others responsible for the supercar's capabilities include Marco Berio, Dr. William Albert (both from KILLER K.I.T.T.) and Dr. Ian Browning (DEADLY KNIGHTSHADE). Sequel series TEAM KNIGHT RIDER names Dr. William Key as the creator of K.I.T.T.'s scanner, although he was never given credit for it (Legion of Doom).

Actor Ramon Bieri guest starred in the first season episode THE FINAL VERDICT, while Kathy Shower, who plays his gangster's moll, would return the following season in KNIGHT OF A THOUSAND DEVILS. Alex Kubik previously appeared in the episodes JUST MY BILL and BIG IRON. Louis Elias returns in Knight of the Juggernaut as the truck driver who sprays K.I.T.T. with the de-stabilizing agent, and also played a truck driver in the first season's NO BIG THING. Heather McNair was a regular on Glen A. Larson's following series Automan and Cover-Up.

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Happy (Almost) Full House Friday Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta/Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.Today, I covered the next episode in the Good Girls and Bad Boys Series, Full House S8E3: Making Out Is Hard To Do, which aired on October 11, 1994.In this episode Stephanie arrives at Gia's party to discover that the other kids have more advanced games in mind for the evening.I'll definitely say that of the all the "Bad Boys" in this Series, that Bobby is the worst. He pressures Stephanie to make out with him because he doesn't want to look uncool. Also Gia should of known Steph wouldn't want to go to a party like this. It wasn't even a party it was just a bunch of teens making out at the same time in the same room.Side plot of Danny losing his voice was funny and we got to meet Gia's Mom, who mentions to Danny that Steph has been a great influence on Gia, too bad we can't say the same about Gia being a good influence on Steph.Also another side plot Jesse has to deal with the news of his old band The Rippers and their new lead singer Barry Williams. Who become a world wide sensation overnight with their hit song "April Girls". Which I love. We also get a crazy dream of Jesse's where after failing in the music industry and his family basically writes him off and wants nothing to do with him. In this bizarre dream we see Jesse as an overweight auto mechanic with a scalp infection (he's balding) and to top it all off, he's married to Kimmy Gibbler who's dressed like Peg Bundy from FOX's Married With Children.What's more gross than this Becky and Joey kiss via a shared snack cake. I remember being so uncomfortable watching this as a teenager.Join me next week when I cover the last episode in the Good Girls and Bad Boys Series, and we meet Ryan (playe


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