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Hidrologi Terapan Bambang Trihatmodjo pdf: A Comprehensive Book on Applied Hydrology

Hidrologi Terapan Bambang Trihatmodjo pdf is a book written by Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Triatmodjo, DEA, a lecturer of civil engineering at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. The book covers various topics on applied hydrology, such as precipitation, evaporation, infiltration, runoff, hydrograph, flood, groundwater, and water balance. The book also provides examples of hydrological models and applications for different types of hydrological systems, such as lakes, reservoirs, watersheds, and surface streams.

The book is intended for students, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in learning and applying hydrological concepts and methods to solve water-related problems. The book is written in Indonesian language and has been published by Beta Offset since 2008. The book has seven editions as of 2019 and has been widely used as a reference in many universities and institutions in Indonesia.

The book can be downloaded as a pdf file from various online sources, such as Scribd[^3^] [^5^], idoc[^1^], or[^4^]. However, the pdf file may not be the latest edition or may have some errors or missing pages. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the original book from the publisher or authorized distributors to get the complete and updated content.

The book consists of 12 chapters and 374 pages. The first chapter introduces the basic concepts and definitions of hydrology and its branches. The second chapter discusses the measurement and analysis of precipitation data, such as rainfall intensity, frequency, duration, and distribution. The third chapter explains the process and factors affecting evaporation and transpiration, as well as the methods to estimate evaporation rate and potential evapotranspiration. The fourth chapter describes the process and factors affecting infiltration and soil moisture, as well as the methods to measure and calculate infiltration rate and soil moisture content.

The fifth chapter presents the concept and methods of runoff analysis, such as runoff coefficient, rational method, unit hydrograph, synthetic unit hydrograph, and SCS method. The sixth chapter introduces the concept and methods of hydrograph analysis, such as baseflow separation, direct runoff hydrograph, peak discharge estimation, and flood frequency analysis. The seventh chapter explains the concept and methods of groundwater analysis, such as Darcy's law, groundwater flow equation, well hydraulics, aquifer parameters, and groundwater recharge and discharge.

The eighth chapter discusses the concept and methods of water balance analysis, such as water balance equation, water budget, water surplus and deficit, and water balance models. The ninth chapter reviews some hydrological models and applications, such as rainfall-runoff models, groundwater models, watershed models, and reservoir models. The tenth chapter covers some special topics on applied hydrology, such as urban hydrology, erosion and sedimentation, saltwater intrusion, and water quality. The eleventh chapter provides some case studies on applied hydrology in Indonesia, such as flood control in Jakarta, groundwater management in Bandung, watershed management in Brantas river basin, and reservoir operation in Jatiluhur dam. The twelfth chapter summarizes the main points and conclusions of the book. 061ffe29dd


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