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Office 2013 Desatendido 64 Bits


Office 2013 Desatendido 64 Bits

if youre using configuration manager (current branch), you can use the office 365 client installation wizard to deploy office 2013. you must be using at least version 1710, but version 1806 is recommended. youll see an entry for office professional plus 2013 in the office 365 client installation wizard. on that same page, you can also select to install project and visio.

start the office deployment tool by double-clicking the start.exe file, or using the start menu item. the office deployment tool opens. follow the prompts to choose the installation path for office 2016. if the setup.exe file is on a unc path, use the browse button to specify the unc path. click the ok button to continue with the setup. when you have chosen the destination, click the start button. the office deployment tool begins downloading and installing office 2016.

the office 2016 program that is downloaded to the destination will need to be run. right-click on the downloaded program and select the open command to open the office 2016 program. if you wish to use a different program to open the file, you must change the setup.exe default program. go to the control panel and open the programs and features section. click the change button to open the change a program or features dialog box. in the change dialog box, find the select the program to associate with this file type section and select the desired program. click the ok button to return to the change dialog box.

the installation process takes a couple of minutes. once it is complete, you can test the installation and verify that office 2016 is working. you can do so by opening word or any other office 2016 program, but if you simply open word, youll be opening the default version which is the 2016 version. to open a version of office that was installed with a different product key, type %product_key% in the open text box. this lets you open any version of office that was installed on the computer. if you type an invalid key, you will receive an error message. you can also use the print menu item to print a document from office. 3d9ccd7d82


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