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[S7E8] A Great Of The Eyes

Richard, Teddy, and Owen arrive at the VIP wing. They're greeted by Ronald Dace from the State Department, who asks them to limit the wing to essential personnel only because no one can know this man was hospitalized, or that he's in the country. They see the patient on a gurney, surrounded by security guards, one of whom is speaking Arabic on the phone. As Owen and Teddy shock the Emir with paddles, Ronald says it would be great from a global perspective if the man didn't die.

[S7E8] A Great of the Eyes

Teddy finds the Emir's room all cleared out. Donald appears and says the Emir's on a C130 being transported across the country, but he promises he's well taken care of. Donald says she did a great job. He hung around to thank her. It was nice meeting her. They shake hands. She'd say the same, but he was never here. He smiles and walks off.

Bailey tells Richard she did everything she could. Richard says there's nothing she or Avery could have done. Bailey wonders why there are so many fistulas after pancreatic surgeries, even if your surgery went flawless. Fistulas appear in 20% of patients. She wants to find a way to bring that number down. After a string of big losses, she could use a win. Yang was the one she didn't have to worry about. He knows. He tells her to look into it and let him know how he can help. Bailey asks if she can have Avery, because he was great today. Richard tells Bailey about Alex's save today using a ping-pong ball.

This runway very nearly steals the spotlightfrom Death Becomes Her a couple of weeks ago. Everyone looks great, even thesomewhat less inspired looks! The standouts are certainly Pearl and Trixie aseerily child-like beauty pageant girls (one of whom is still plagued by acneand head gear) connected at the hip, Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis as drunk, cokedout Atlantic City prostitutes connected at the pussy (their word, not mine),and Violet and Max as showgirls connected by their uber-skinny, corsetedwaists.

We come back to Debra Radcliffe who is still with the parents we see her then finish the sentence "...fear, these are just some of the things we shoved in the back of our junk drawers when we were young", "This exercise comes from 'Chapter 3: Scary Dreams, Expired Creams'" Cameron says "Oh, I have both of those", Debra carries on "This may seem unconventional, but, it helps access painful memories" the sound of Debra's voice gets drowned out although we hear that she is still talking semi-clearly. We come to Phil & Claire, Phil tells Claire "This is nice" and Claire tells him it's not, saying it's weird, Phil says "You're so tense today, my little baby. What are you worried about?" Claire tells him she's worried about looking like idiots, Phil assures her saying that they are superstars in this game, he tells her that they're "Married the longest, three happy children, one with a bright future.", Claire then realises and says that he is right, they're "gonna win this thing", but Phil tells her it's not a competition and she tell him he's right but isn't hearing him and says "Exactly. We have this in the bag. Mitchell and Cam fall apart if they've got to pick a restaurant, and all Gloria ever does is yell at my dad." We see Gloria and Jay, Gloria shushes Jay and we come back to Phil who says "Yeah, I'd really hate to be your dad right now". We come back to Jay and Gloria, Gloria says "Now, tell me everything that you're thinking", Jay tells her "I'm thinking about all that other stuff we could've bid on at that auction instead of this nonsense. Lunch with Larry King. A ride along in a cop car. I heard they let you tase someone." Gloria tells Jay that the cleaning out their junk drawers' session is important as Dr. Debra told Gloria it would be good for them. She then tells him to close his eyes as she doesn't like him looking up at her neck like he is and tells him she took a selfie and thought she was facetiming with her grandmother. We come to Cam and Mitch, Cameron says in baby talk "I wemember my mom went into the store and left me all alone in the back of a twuck.", Mitchell gets annoyed with the way he's talking and says "Okay, do you have to do the baby talk?" Cameron tells him that he couldn't pronounce his "r's" when he was younger and the other children made fun of him. He then states "It was very twaumatic. Mom? Mommy? Where are you!?". Mitchell then says that he's starting to lose feeling, Cameron asks if he is squishing his legs. Mitchell tells him he meant in "our relationship". Mitchell then says "All right, we need a game plan here. My dad and sister are here. Let's keep a low profile, light and surfacy.", Cameron then asks "But aren't we wasting a great opportunity to learn more about me?", Mitchell tells Cam that they aren't going to be the sideshow gay couple. He states "Okay, nothing too personal. For god's sake, no bedroom stuff. We're representing a community.", Debra walks over to ask how they're doing. Mitchell says "We're very good, very healthy", Cam interrupts to say "very happy". Debra asks if Cam would like to switch positions. Cam takes in what Mitchell says about "no bedroom stuff" and tells Debra he can't talk about that, not knowing she's talking about seating positions they are in right now. Mitchell gives off a shocked "seriously!?" face expression. Debra walks over to Gloria and Jay and asks how they're doing. Gloria tells Debra that Jay isn't even trying. Debra says "Sounds like you're stuck in that drawer", Jay says "Sounds like you're stuck in that metaphor". Debra asks Jay what's holding him back. Jay says "I don't like to be held like this." Debra asks if he feels vulnerable. Jay says "I don't know. It just reminds me of something." Debra tells him to go with it and talk about it, and then says that he's safe here. Jay says "I don't want to be safe here. I don't want to talk about this." Gloria asks "About what? Tell me.", Jay then says "It's like the time my mom held me like this when my dog ran away and never came back. She kept telling me they didn't know how it got out, but I knew. I left the gate open. It was my fault. I lost Checkers." Jay gets up to leave he hold his heart as he says "I can't take this", we cut to Claire who says "Wait, what -- what just happened!?", Gloria says "I think he's not used to feeling emotions. Maybe it was too much for him.", Debra says "No, no, this is good.", "Some people's junk drawers are so full, it's a struggle to open them.", a worried Mitchell asks "W-was he holding his chest?", Gloria says "Si!", Cameron then states that "something seemed wrong". They all rush over to the door and Gloria says "Jay, are you okay? It's Gloria." Claire then says "Dad! Dad!", Phil rushes to the door and says he has a paperclip and opens the door. We see that Jay is watching sports with headphones in, hearing nothing, shouting "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" very quietly.

This case follows a woman who reported her father missing even though he continued to pay his bills on time. It was her determination that led investigators to uncover the sinister plan of a murderer going to great lengths to hide his crime.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news about the spin-off coming to IMDb TV. Be sure to listen to our interviews with cast and creatives on the Everybody Counts Podcast, many of which touch on the spin-off.

Getting the meeting on track, Tyrion and Jon attempt to convince the Lannister queen of the greater threat coming from the North for them all; according to Tyrion, one million people all live crammed together in the city. They will soon become one million more soldiers in the army of the dead. Cersei callously responds that it will likely be an improvement for most of them, her flippancy noticeably angering the normally stoic Jon. Cersei refuses to believe the claims, dismissing them as a ploy to trick her into lowering her defenses. To prove their claims, Sandor returns with the crate containing the wight, which is uncharacteristically silent. Sandor gets the crate open and is visibly frightened by what he sees inside it, which worries Jaime since he knows the Hound is not afraid of anything. Cersei watches the proceedings with a dismissively smug smirk. Sandor finally gives the crate a massive kick and knocks it over; the enraged wight promptly clambers out and charges toward the nearest target - Cersei, appropriately enough. Completely stunned at the sight of the undead creature throwing itself towards them, the Lannister queen and her allies recoil in horror as Sandor pulls the screeching monster back on a chain, its claws inches from Cersei's face, and manages to slice the creature in half when it turns to attack him. The Stark and Targaryen delegations watch it emotionlessly but the Lannisters look on in shock as the wight's upper half continues to move, shrieking and snarling, trying to crawl towards Sandor, who slices off one of its outstretched hands. After a clearly fascinated Qyburn briefly examines it, Jon steps forward and takes the wight's severed hand, using a torch provided by Davos to demonstrate how fire can be used to stop them. He then uses a dragonglass dagger to kill the wight's upper half, bluntly stating that if they don't win the coming war, such a fate awaits every person in Westeros, insisting that all their other conflicts pale in comparison to the Great War. Daenerys, who has watched the whole thing poker-faced, states that she didn't believe it herself until she saw them all personally. A horror-struck Jaime asks how many wights are coming, and Daenerys tells him the army of the dead numbers at least 100,000. Euron asks if the wights can swim. When Jon responds, "No," Euron announces to Cersei his intention to withdraw his fleet back to the Iron Isles. He declares that he has been over the whole world and has never been terrified until now. On his way out, he tells Daenerys to retreat to her own island and to come find him when they are the only two left alive.

After a long time reflecting on her course of action on the battlements, Sansa orders Arya be brought to the great hall. In the Hall, Sansa and Bran are seated at the great table, the hall lined with Stark and Arryn men and a few key lords such as Yohn Royce and, of course, Baelish who is watching the whole thing with a malicious little smile. Arya is brought in and asks Sansa if she "really wants to do this." Sansa replies it's not about what she wants, it's about justice. She proceeds to rattle off a list of crimes perpetrated against House Stark... and asks Baelish how he intends to answer the charges. At this, all eyes turn towards Baelish. Thrown, Littlefinger tries to figure out what is going on. Sansa reveals his murder of Lysa Arryn and his use of Lysa to murder Jon Arryn. She uses his own words against him and accuses him (quite correctly) of orchestrating the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters that has ultimately engulfed the Seven Kingdoms for the better part of the last decade, including the betrayal and death of her father Eddard Stark. 041b061a72


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