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Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Jar WORK

CLICK HERE ->->->->

Well the first version of TooManyItems is for beta 1.2 so this is the only one other Alpha 1.2.6 Ingame inventory editor which is the one I mentioned in the post. -and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/1345251-mod-ingame-invedit-beta-0-4-gui-1-2-6which was my main inspiration for the menuz

Uh, well...I have an idea but it's not very easy, if you download LWJGL (from here) and get the Minecraft alpha 1.2.6 file here. (hello mods, that link is directly to Mojang's official server the launcher gets the jar files from.) After that make a bin folder in .minecraft, open up the folder, copy the 1.2.6.jar file, rename it to minecraft.jar, and in the LWJGL zip file copy lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, jinput.jar (it's located in the folder called jar) into .minecraft\bin. Once you do that, go up a level in the archive and go into the folder titled native and open the windows folder and copy everything to a folder called "natives" in .minecraft\bin. After all that just copy this code in the command line after injecting the mod straight into the minecraft.jar file.

The server is running on Minecraft Beta v1.1_02, BUT WAIT! Beta 1.1_02 is the same as alpha 1.2.6 but with server side inventory which prevents normal players spawning in items and duping, which would ruin the server. The server's ip address is or (both work). 153554b96e


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