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Where To Buy Pecan Brittle

This one's for all the Pecan lovers out there! Nothing compares to the the maple, nutty magic of Pecans combined with Uncle Ray's magic brittle sauce. If you love classic peanut brittle, but you love pecans just a bit more - Uncle Ray's Homemade Pecan Brittle is the candy for you!

where to buy pecan brittle

Classic, traditional pecan brittle! This crackling, salty-sweet pecan brittle is gluten free and has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. This is the snack you remember from grandma's kitchen!

Our brittle is simply special. Unlike traditional brittle, each bite of our brittle, you get all the crunch without thinking your teeth will crack! Our peanut brittle for sale is just simply amazing and different.

The delicious brittle was amazing. While pecan was my favorite and cashews my husband, you have to treat yourself by trying them all. The fresh, delicious brittle and the personable service makes this company, and their product, second to none.

We put time and love into every batch. This personal, authentic touch is one of our secret ingredient to enhance quality and extraordinary taste. Our old fashioned peanut brittle taste now has a more modern texture that is light airy and crispy.

Then, share your comments below and share a picture of your pecan brittle on the Pinterest Pin! If you made any changes or added something different, be sure to share it with us so we can try it, too!

It could be a couple of things. Your thermometer might not be working right (I have to buy a new one every couple of years) or your stovetop is not getting hot enough. You can drop some of the brittle in a glass of cold water. If it hardens then your brittle is done. Hope that helps!

Brittle is usually not clear. The baking soda definitely helps create that cloudy color throughout. The baking soda is necessary because it will expand the amount of brittle and it will help make it crunchy. If you leave it out it will be chewy and hard. Not as tasty. Great question!

Welp, 275 degrees F is the incorrect temperature for making brittle. So i wasted an entire batch, making a sweet pecan chewy, which sticks to your teeth. Once it gets on the enamel, it acts as a super glue, wiring your jaw shut, while you try screaming in vain. Gotta go to at least 300-310 F in order for this to work.

Handmade Pecan Brittle. Made with Grade "A" Pecans. The best pecan brittle you will ever put in your mouth. Our pecan brittle is made with lots of pecans. As a matter of fact, each order contains about a half pound of premium pecans.

Like all of our handmade brittle, the Pecan Brittle is Gluten Free. You can taste the difference in our brittle. Our brittle it light and easy to eat. This makes our Pecan Brittle one of the best on the market. Made with Real Butter and Pure Vanilla Extract. No artificial flavors of colors.

I honed in on a bag of Fisher Pecans and all was well in my world. I ended up with a perfect batch of sweet, buttery brittle loaded with pecans and a hint of cinnamon that I still love making to this day.

The problem is that making candy is a pretty exact science and cooking times or color cues leave a lot of room for error. Being a few degrees off can make the difference between a brittle that shatters perfect and one that is a little soft.

A delicious twist on an old classic, bacon pecan brittle is one of our most popular candies. We cook fresh bacon for each batch and add it to the hot brittle right before pouring it out to cool. Then we stretch the brittle by hand so it's thin and crispy. The result is a sweet and salty bacon pecan brittle with a hint of smokey goodness. This is the best bacon pecan brittle in New Orleans!

Looking for the perfect pecan ideal for both snacking and baking? Look no further than our shelled Fancy Pecan Halves! Enjoy our Georgia-grown pecans on their own or add to a smoothie for a burst of flavor. They are also a tasty and satisfying Keto snack.

A natural product grown in the USA and made from the highest quality mammoth pecans without any additives, these shelled, kosher certified Small Fancy Pecan Pieces are sure to please any palate. Grab a handful for a snack, or grab your apron; Small Fancy Pecan Pieces perfectly top yogurt, parfaits, or your favorite ice cream.

We make our crunchy, airy Pecan Brittle the old-fashioned way: in small, buttery batches with plenty of fresh, biologically grown Koinonia pecans. The rich undertones of this unique brittle are simply irresistible!

Give-in to that sweet tooth with our crunchy Pecan Brittle! It's made with premium pecans, using an old-fashioned recipe! Eat is as a delicious snack or use it in the kitchen to take your baked good to the next level!

Pecan Brittle lasts a long time. The main factor determining the length of time you can keep brittle is how well you prevent moisture from getting to it. Depending on the weather, brittle will last up to two months in a sealed container in the pantry.

We start with fresh, raw pecans from Georgia and Texas, soak them in Bourbon (because we can) and turn them into a delectable, crunchy, buttery treat. Just like the brittles you remember as a kid with a grown-up Bourbon flavor.

It should come as no surprise that storing your peanut brittle in airtight containers is one of the best ways to store peanut brittle. Keeping air out helps maintain your brittle's freshness by minimizing the amount of moisture that might come into contact with your sweet treat. In terms of material for your containers, it is totally up to your preference. Quality options include glass containers with lids or plastic storage dishes with snap-on tops. As long as they keep out air, it should work perfectly for storing brittle.

The second best way to store peanut brittle is to ensure that your chunks of brittle are separated. To accomplish this, spread a layer of wax paper along the bottom of your airtight container. Then add a layer of brittle, ensuring there is a bit of space between each piece. Next, add a second layer of wax paper and a second layer of brittle. Repeat the process until all your brittle is properly stored.

Similar to almost every other food product, freezing is one of the best ways to store peanut brittle. Unlike using the fridge, your freezer will allow you to store your peanut brittle at a more consistent temperature. Plus, the more drastic temperatures of a freezer typically freeze any condensation other stored food products may produce.

This pecan brittle recipe might be my best brittle yet. I have a thing for candy making and have recently gotten really into homemade brittle. Roasted nuts surrounded by sweet caramelized, crunchy sugar and a hint of salt is just about as good as homemade candy gets. The baking soda adds a light foam throughout the candy to give it a perfectly delicate bite.

It has the added intrigue of ground chipotle peppers. They give this pecan brittle a slow burn and a touch of smoke, and it really is the perfect balance to a sweet nut candy. Sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy-- what more could we actually want?

Pecan brittle is a hard candy made with sugar, pecans, corn syrup, and baking soda. The nuts are cooked in the syrup, which gives them a deeply roasted flavor and helps the syrup caramelize (via maillard reactions).

The best way to store brittle is in a vacuum-sealed bag. Any amount of humidity in the air will cause the candy to become sticky, so you can wrap it really tightly in cellophane, put it in a resealable plastic bag and press out as much air as possible, or, ideally, vacuum seal the bag. 041b061a72


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