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The White Tiger: A Novel Download UPDs Torrent

The White Tiger: A Novel by Aravind Adiga - A Review

The White Tiger is a Booker Prize-winning novel by Indian author Aravind Adiga. It tells the story of Balram Halwai, a poor village boy who rises from rags to riches in modern India. Balram narrates his life story in a letter to the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who is visiting India. He reveals how he became a successful entrepreneur by breaking free from the oppressive social system that trapped him in servitude.

The novel explores the themes of corruption, poverty, caste, religion, and globalization in India. It also provides a darkly humorous perspective of India's class struggle and the moral dilemmas faced by its people. The novel challenges the stereotypes of India as a land of spirituality and harmony, and exposes the harsh realities of its society.

The White Tiger is a gripping and provocative read that will make you question your own assumptions and values. It is a novel that will stay with you long after you finish it. If you are looking for a book that will challenge you, entertain you, and enlighten you, then The White Tiger is the one for you.

In this article, we will explore some of the major themes of The White Tiger and how they relate to the novel's plot and characters. Some of the themes we will discuss are:

The Self-Made Man

Social Breakdown, Self-Interest, and Corruption



Morality and Indian Society


The Self-Made Man

One of the main themes of The White Tiger is the idea of the self-made man, or the person who achieves success through his own efforts and abilities. Balram Halwai, the protagonist and narrator of the novel, is an example of a self-made man. He is born into a poor and low-caste family in a rural village, but he manages to escape his fate and become a wealthy and powerful entrepreneur in Bangalore, the IT capital of India.

Balram's journey from rags to riches is not easy or smooth. He faces many obstacles and challenges along the way, such as poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, exploitation, violence, and betrayal. He also has to make many sacrifices and compromises, such as leaving his family behind, changing his name and identity, killing his employer, and abandoning his morals and conscience. Balram's story is thus a complex and controversial one, as he both inspires and repels the reader with his ambition and cunning.

Balram's motivation for becoming a self-made man is partly driven by his desire to break free from the oppressive social system that he calls "the Rooster Coop". This system keeps millions of poor Indians trapped in servitude and misery, while a few rich and powerful ones enjoy all the privileges and opportunities. Balram compares himself to a rare white tiger, a creature that is born only once in a generation and has the courage and intelligence to escape from its cage. Balram believes that he is destined for greatness and that he has a duty to fulfill his potential.

Balram also wants to become a self-made man because he wants to participate in the new India that is emerging in the era of globalization. He sees India as a land of opportunity and innovation, where anyone can achieve anything with hard work and talent. He admires successful businessmen like Vijay, Ashok, Mr. Premier, and Mr. Krishna. He wants to be like them and to impress them with his skills and achievements. He wants to be recognized and respected as an individual and not as a servant or a caste member.

However, Balram's vision of the self-made man is also flawed and problematic. He does not acknowledge or appreciate the role of others in his success. He does not show any gratitude or loyalty to his family, friends, teachers, or employers who helped him or supported him along the way. He does not care about the consequences of his actions on others or on society. He does not have any sense of responsibility or accountability for his crimes or sins. He does not have any v


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