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Aging vessels is another important factor. Many important flavor compounds come from the aging vessels, such as oak lactone (also known as 2(3H)-furanone, 5-butyldihydro-4-methyl-, cis-), vanillin, and vanillic acid. These compounds originally resided in oak barrels in which most Western liquors were aged [42], whereas the Chinese baijius were aged in pottery jars. Hence, these compounds can be only detected in Western liquors (Table S1 and S2). In addition, artificial factor contribute to the compositional difference between Chinese baijius and Western liquors. Sugars, the main non-volatile compound in Western liquors, are commonly added artificially to aged Western liquors such as brandy [11], rum [43], and whisky [44], giving them an amber coloration that is attractive to consumers. The artificially added sugar in distilled liquors is collectively called caramel. The chemical composition of caramel is complex due to the large number of substances produced as a result of pyrolysis of carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose, or starch. Caramel has been reported to be rich in advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are blamed for increasing insulin resistance and inflammation [45].

Brandy Two Eleven Album Zip 76


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