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Kilioni Page

Download CIOS249 57 V19 Wad

You can install d2x cIOS through ModMii or d2x-cIOS-installer. The easiest way is the installer. It installs the cIOS directly, so a WAD Manager is not needed. The installer uses the IOS bases from sd/usb (you can get them via NUS Downloader) or download them using the wii internet connection directly. ModMii is really good too, but you need Windows to use it. Once you have the wad you can install them with a WAD Manager.

Download CIOS249 57 V19 Wad

if u use d2x you must use nus downloader or get the file "ios57-64-v5918.wad" which is the wad file used to plug the stub in ios250 base 57. It must be in your folder named "WAD" on the root of your sd card.

This page is for downloads of IOSes and RVLs. Many of the files on this page come from NUS (Nintendo Update Servers). Some come from the update partition of game DVDs, or if not available elsewhere, be extracted from a wii.

IOS is the basic operating software in the Wii. It is the software responsible for controlling the hardware (device drivers), providing security, and performing other tasks such as downloading WiiConnect24 data. All software (with the exception of bootmii) requires an IOS to run. All official software and many homebrew applications specify an IOS to use when they run. If the IOS requested by a title is missing, the program simply hangs at a black screen. While it is not known what IOS officially means, most agree on "Input Output System" or "Internal Operating System". For a more detailed explanation and technical information about IOS, see the Wiibrew page on IOS

If you plan to upload IOSes or RVLs for this table, please ZIP or RAR them. It provides a way to verify the downloads are not corrupt. Corrupt IOSes can lead to strange behavior or bricking if installed.

@RAVMN: Sorry I haven't checked the comments sooner. I'm out of town. If you want, you're welcome to upload them. I won't be able to until at least the 10th or 11th. I'm on cell company EV-DO, and the speeds are dial-up. Took half an hour to download firefox...Also, I'm working on a look-alike replica of SM 1.0...I'm basing it on pics from a launch day wii manual (which shows the 1.0 menu), Wiibrew, an old Nintendo press release, and Google Images. It's mostly finished. Only issues remaining are that I can't remove the SD functions and can't prevent channels from moving.

@RAVMN: OK. @MarlonHax: You can download it from NUS Downloader. Select Wii No Ma from the database, ensure that the "Version" box is empty (empty version means get latest version), select pack wad, and then start the download.

Yeah it is...As you said, most of the comments are either help requests or spam, and page edits consist mostly of Matt6969 updating the Wiiware listing.Good news is that download counts are healthy :) Most downloaded IOS is IOS249 v65280 (no clue why people want this). Most downloaded channel is Netflix with 5668 downloads.Also, I got time to try out all those dev channels:* NMenu is an official wad manager* NWC24Editor is a tool for downloading files with WC24, sending/receiving Wiimail, changing your wii friend code, and editing the friend roster.* WMP Movie Tool lets you mark the WM+ movie (that one that runs the first time you play a WM+ game) as watched or unwatched.* Disc Check and Menu Uninstaller have been around for a while, and do as their names imply.

The program scans for missing or outdated IOS, and checks that the user has the latest version of the Wii System Menu. It also verifies that the latest versions of BC, MIOS, and channels such as Wii Shop, News, Weather, Mii, Photo and Photo 1.1 are installed. If not, the program will automatically download and install them, or read them from USB or SD if they are available.

The program is compatible with NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL Wii consoles, and is theoretically compatible with Korean Wii consoles as well. It is also compatible with WiiU in Wii mode, but users need to place the WAD files on a SD or USB device as the IOS for the WiiU can't be downloaded directly.

Note: Pimp my Wii is compatible with the WiiU Wii emulator, but some options are disabled. Moreover, you absolutely need to place the wad files on your SD/USB device because the IOS for the WiiU can't be downloaded directly.


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