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[S6E2] Trust Issues ((TOP))

-Dramamagnet Sookie just happened upon an injured dude onthe side of the road. At first she attempted to leave him there - nice, Sookie - but ultimately she offered to help. And wouldn'tyou know it? He's half-fairy, just like Sookie. Iinitially groaned, because this show has a terrible track record when it comesto fairies. But this new guy Ben is so hot that I'm willing to go with it, solong as he keeps his shirt mostly unbuttoned. Sookiecontinued to demonstrate how astonishingly stupid she is by bringing thisinjured stranger back to her house, then letting a possibly concussed man fallasleep on her couch, and then turning Ben down when he offered to take her on adate. Sookie, look at him. LOOK AT HIM! And he doesn'tturn into a wolf or want to suck the blood out of you. Idiot! (That said, I don't trust Ben at all. I suspect that the vampire whoattacked him was Warlow, attracted by Ben's fae blood, and that in addition to roughing him up, theancient vamp also glamoured Ben into working for him.But that's totally a guess.)

[S6E2] Trust Issues

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Jethro asks everyone if they would like to throw Sabrina a baby shower. They are all into it. He then says he might have a surprise for her at the shower. Jeremiah gets a phone call he needs to take and walks away from the table. It is Dennis, his biological father from Ohio. Apparently, he and his siblings were taken away and his mom fought to get them all back but him. Then he was adopted out so he has a lot of trust issues. His dad wants him to come to Ohio because it will be easier. Jeremiah wants to make it all work.

Gary R. Botwinick is Co-Managing Partner and Chair of the Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick Wills, Trusts & Estates and Taxation practice groups. As a highly experienced tax and trusts and estates attorney in New Jersey, Gary provides tax counsel to businesses and individuals on subjects including unique family challenges, business succession, wealth transfer, premarital planning and changes in the law, including the ever-changing tax landscape.

Josh and Toby are talking about some of the issues, when Will walks up and tells them that Bartlet got Farad to agree. Bartlet next talks to Prime Minister Zahavy who cannot agree to shared custody of Jerusalem. Zahavy storms off.

Jim, realizing that Michael probably hurt his chances, decides to talk to Michael about his conversation. Michael admits that he showed David his file and decides to call David Wallace to support the promotion. The call doesn't go well, and he loses Jim's trust. However, David then calls back, saying that the board had a plan to make both Michael and Jim co-managers, and they agree to the plan.

He wakes again, less disoriented than before. He is no longer restrained. He takes a few tentative steps while clutching his leg. He starts packing his suitcase and heads for the exit. He tells the nurse his dry heaving has stopped and asks to be released. She says she has to check with Dr. Nolan, but House reminds her he is a voluntary patient. She says she has to check anyway. House breaks in on Dr. Nolan to ask why he hasn't been released. Dr. Nolan interrupts his conversation with another doctor. He tells him that he wants House to stay. House says he's better - no painkillers, hallucinations or delusions, and his leg pain is manageable. However, Dr. Nolan pointed out that if all he wanted to do was detox, he could have done that anywhere instead of checking into a psychiatric facility. House says he was deluded into thinking he was crazy. Dr. Nolan tells him his issues run deeper and he should go into long term care. When House continues to insist on leaving Dr. Nolan informs him that he will withhold recommendation to restore his medical license unless he stays for treatment.

House has been there four weeks and Dr. Nolan comes to see him and asks him about his relationships with the other patients. However, when House does, Dr. Nolan notes that he has only talked about how one of the other patients sees him - Alvie. Dr. Nolan tells him he has to trust people. He then hands him a suit and tells him to get dressed.

Dr. Nolan takes House to a cocktail party where he doesn't know anyone. He tells him to talk to some of the other people. He starts talking to a donor who he figures out used to be a patient. After at first admitting that he takes advantage of his one friend, he tells the donor that Dr. Nolan is his lover. He runs into Lydia who reminds him he isn't gay. She also reminds him that if he's going to share secrets with people, they should be true. However he and Lydia start playing with one of the other guests, pretending they're married to fool with her mind. Dr. Nolan comes to him later and House admits he was screwing with people and having fun. Dr. Nolan realizes that House has been lying about what he was - a philanderer or porn producer. He tells him the point of the exercise wasn't to get him to trust people, but to show him he could trust people. He points out that no-one ratted out his terrible fake secrets. He wonders why House didn't just tell them he was a patient. Lydia comes over to ask if he's in trouble, but he's not. She asks if he wants to act as her pimp. He just wants to talk about why she isn't mad about him stealing her car and ruining Freedom Master's life. She thinks he is misguided and irresponsible, but also nice. She says she comes to visit her sister-in-law so often because she used to be her best friend, but then she started withdrawing from everyone. She says she married the patient's brother after she got sick because they were going through the same thing. The brother stopped coming, but she didn't, and she still misses the person Annie used to be. She says she has to leave and House wishes her good night. She gives him a little kiss before she leaves.

In addition, proper psychiatric treatment requires a tremendous level of trust between the doctor and the patient - probably more than in any other area of medicine. Nolan clearly goes out on a limb with House. He starts off with a very restrictive regimen for House (which includes periods in isolation for misbehavior), slowly offering more and more incentives when House co-operates. However, he knows that House is perfectly capable of carrying out on his threats of disruption and focusing on the goal of getting back to practicing medicine rather than addressing his mental health issues. Nolan risks having a patient that won't trust him to, ironically, build trust.

Dr. Gregory House: I have had relationships.Dr. Darryl Nolan: You screwed up relationships. Every one of them. Almost like that was the goal. I want you to trust... people.

Alex, Arizona, and Richard are discussing Andy's case. Andy's back in the ER. Alex and Arizona propose the 3D MRI again, but then Richard will need $5,000 from any of them. Otherwise, they can come with him to his board meeting and explain why they're running this hospital like it's a charity. He walks away and Arizona starts crying. She tells Alex she has authority issues and tells him to walk away.

In No Second Prances, after several attempts to make friends in Ponyville end in failure, Starlight meets and befriends Trixie. When Twilight expresses skepticism in their relationship, Starlight feels that Twilight doesn't trust her to make her own friends. However, when Trixie admits that she became friends with Starlight partly to one-up Twilight, Starlight is emotionally hurt. With Twilight's help, Starlight makes amends with Trixie and helps her in her magic show.

Starlight is frequently shown to be overly reliant on her magic to solve problems or accomplish tasks, and has a tendency to not think her plans through. She starts to overcome these faults over time and learn from them, to the point where she is the only one who questions the risks of undoing Star Swirl's limbo spell. She also has some temper issues, demonstrated in All Bottled Up, A Matter of Principals, and A Horse Shoe-In, causing her to sometimes lash out or use magic without thinking.

Starlight Glimmer took up residence in the CASTLE OF FRIENDSHIP and began her training. Thus far, she's reconnected with her old friend Sunburst, built trust with her new friend Trixie, and defeated a changeling invasion. It's a start! Though she's not the best magician in Equestria, she's learning how to spell-cast like a pro. 041b061a72


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