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Mom Son Incest Audio Sex Stories

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Mom Son Incest Audio Sex Stories

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On 2 May 1536, Anne was arrested and taken to the Tower of London and three days later, Anne and her brother George Boleyn were tried separately in the Tower of London. She was accused of adultery, incest, and high treason.

Anne had been King Henry VIII's second wife, following Catherine whose marriage had been annulled. However, like Catherine, Anne too was unable to bear Henry a son, and thus heir to the throne and so with the help of Thomas Cromwell, the court conspired and spied on her, eventually condemning her with the testimony of a low-born, Flemish musician named Mark Smeaton, whom Cromwell had tortured as well as the testimony of others who claimed she had had an incestuous affair with her brother. She, of course denied all charges, but the so called evidence against her was too persuasive and she was found guilty.

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baby Tula we made you cry. Let me know. Over you baby do love. Work will be looking at a parenting for the next hour this morning looking at parents children families and ourselves and listeners will be able after a few minutes to call in questions to three. Guess this morning. We have Bev Wendy was a social worker at the South Side neighborhood Nursery School in Minneapolis. She works with parents of children with special needs Debbie. Anderson is here. She's from the Hennepin County sexual assault service and they are looking at the sexual exploitation of children and ways to stuff that and an Elwood is here. She developed the Minnesota Early Learning design, which is a parent education done by volunteer experience parents. They have groups that cover parenting skills Child Development Health Care nutrition and so forth and they work with parents up until the child is 3 years old 2 years old Why Don't We Begin and perhaps you should introduce yourselves as you speak the first time so our listeners learn to recognize Your voices and they will know when they ask questions who directs them too. But why don't we begin by talking about the kinds of of pressures on parents and the kinds of fears that parents have this is a complex society and it said that it's a hard place to raise kids would like to begin with that. Well, I think there's a whole litany and write an education is everyone knows that but I can list a few the number of women working the number of single parents. They increasing the divorce rate teenage pregnancies violence in the family mobile Society nuclear family changing roles of women lack of formal preparation for the parenting job and a result as a result of these and many other concerns and and many more that we could all list, I think parents need help. Would you agree with that? You have anything to add WR Bell? A lot of what we've been doing in the last year is and some some ways probably making them issue somewhat more complex by starting to really look at the rights of children. And then what we're starting to see with that what's the impact on adults? What's the what are the rights of adults? But in my opinion more importantly, what are the responsibilities of parents and what I am seeing on a number of in a number of ways is the sexual exploitation of kids and sometimes the physical abuse of kids and often times in our society how we really haven't taken much of a stand on the right of a child to have good parents. Which is a different way of looking at it from before we don't usually consider children's rights. I don't think children are almost considered property in a way that they are historically they really have been also legally much of what we've said is the state has no right into the family and some of what I've been saying lately is on the other hand. What is the states obligation to protect a child who's being a victim of a crime only lot of times it went describe the physical and sexual abuse of children as a crime. But if you did that same kind of behavior to somebody down the street, it would be called a crime and often times what else I see is that We we don't seem to look at the beginning of the process with kids that often times. We will wait until kids get into the system as an offender and not look at their early victimization and we will say look at this child who has so many problems. They'll grow up to not have some of the parenting skills, but it's so often when you look at the beginning of that child's existence. They've had some very damaging kinds of things done to them, which really pretty much in stops him from being able to do some parenting and future see you attempt to isolate the child and not look at the ripped, Well look at the roof, but you know beginning it looking looking at some really kind of violent or severe things that are done to children by parents. And it's really kind of looking at the negative aspect of parenting. But often times. We think in order to know some of the positive aspects. We have to look at the negative aspects of it. Anan and Bev could you talk a little about the ways that you handle? I mean you are both into prevention situations in terms of dealing with young children and and parents of young children. What do you do? Let me start I'm Bev and I'm with the South Side Nursery School. I feel I think in between what and and Debbie are doing we are dealing with parents that have had problems either in their own background or are now having difficulties with their own kids Special. Needs can mean a whole lot of different things. It can mean the developmental delays kids are not developing or not growing the way they should be for their age. It can mean they're they're not learning how to get along with other kids other their own parents other adults that sort of thing a lot of the kids we deal with have language delays. We have three year olds that can barely speak. Although there are intelligent a lot of what we're doing is trying trying to prevent Happening to these children what has happened to their parents when they were children and one way of doing it as by offering a lot of support and empathy and understanding and another way is by educating and that's something similar. I think that we're doing to what we on the other hand deal with ordinary parent facing the ordinary tasks of raising our children, and we assume that everyone liked us needs information. Everyone needs support a particular one needs information with the first child and we've assumed also that and of course there's lots of backup for beginning in the pregnancy at the first job can and can make a difference in the preparation in the healthcare and then getting a good start and end looking at children and looking at themselves. And so we we tend to to identify ourselves with ordinary parents without any deficit assumptions at all and give them information on psychological support that we believe in the X. Other experts believe what will help him do the job? One thing about this Society while there's no preparation for marriage and there's no preparation for child-rearing which I think is probably the most serious important thing person would take on perhaps you could talk specifically. Not not you I gather Bev deal with problems that are there. I mean you don't start as early as as an E2 in heading things off perhaps you could talk specifically about the problems with the children and parents have them how do parents feel for example, when when they couldn't how do they get into a crisis situation? And how do you prevent that? What effect does it have on the kids? Some some of what we're doing in our office is an early prevention program in the sense of giving parents more skills or discussion or opening up probably the discussion for the first time ever as far as what kind of touching is nurturing and caring and what kind of touching is exploitive and a lot of times what I see with parents is there's no permission to talk about these kinds of issues very early. And what happens is that most families suppress this kind of talk because we have previously learned from our parents not to talk about sexuality or touching that it's a very big taboo area and the denial of it often times really enables the abuse to occur. So a lot of times I talked about just developing some skills and getting some permission to talk about this very sensitive area. We use skills development to as well as support then perhaps one example that I can give is that many of us really don't know at what stage of child is ready to respond. The many of us don't understand what happens at the age of 18 months or two years in the way that the child responds knowing that knowing about Child Development knowing what can really be expected of the child makes an enormous difference in the parents response and consequently to the child. So we use both information on the psychological support of yes, I'm going through that too. I've been there can be a tremendous big help. I can remember one of the mothers that are School saying I thought my three-year-old was the only one that couldn't sit still for more than 30 seconds and she was climbing the walls thinking that she had a real strange son. And he was just a real normal rambunctious little boy. I see the same kind of thing happened with sexual issues in children or the whole issue. Do of touching for instance there when kids are 3/4 and 5 years old almost all kids play doctor or body gain a love poop in toilet talk at that stage. That's normal healthy sexual development for kids. And when I ask adults how many of them play doctor when they were little nearly 90% of the population will say yes I did but often times we will deny that stage and our own children because we don't have the permission to know about it which ends up in parents sometimes shaming kids at that early stage making the kid feel bad in the parent feel bad and it's just a permission to start to discuss this area. Yeah, I guess that's one of the things that we feel most strongly about. We don't believe there's any one way to have the parent there are many many strategies and approaches to Parenting into teaching parenting skills and a none of them has emerged as as be one way and I don't quite believe it really will I We think our job is to provide the best possible information that we can two parents in the most supportive setting that we can provide and then at the choices there's they must they must decide for themselves. Double you had given me an article to read before this program which which said that the touching infants or or a lot of tender loving care heads off all sorts of adult problems and child abuse sexual exploitation on healthy children healthy sexual adult crimes and food high in many ways. Some of parenting is so simple yet so complex and that's why I always come back to really the touching issue in the sense that James Prescott who's from NIH talks about kids who get touching and caring and nurturing in early infancy are a lot less violent prone as adults. And I am seeing this also with the kids who've been physically or sexually assaulted that often times. The adult offender has that kind of History. The adult rapists are the adult sex offender and that we really parenting in some ways is so simple but yet it is so tremendously complex and it's a growing process, you know, we all grow up we grow as our children grow and it's a daily kind of process when you're talkin about touching fit fuel made me think about how we as parents are always so afraid of spoiling kids and one way that we think we're spoiling them is by holding them or picking them up when they cry and for especially for new babies. I think that's probably the most important thing they learned about they learn trust through their skin. They learn you know, that they're going to be picked up there going to be taken care of there going to be cuddled and that's the most important the very first learning task. It's it's a very sensitive issue. I have phone for the public yet. When we look at other kinds of cultures that are not as violent as ours their there's much more nurturing and caring that goes on. And that often times in our society, we talked a lot about our violence, but we don't talk about where that is because coming from where is the beginning of it? And it's it's I think we need more prevention programs. We need more openness with different people to talk with one another as a mother. I remember not being very secure and talking with other mothers about my parenting in the beginning. That's why I really think Anne's program is good because it's also a neighborhoods of people talkin and giving each other some support and care. You should say some private business men and women pregnant with her first child in the neighborhood groups and their lead by other men and women who are experienced enable young parents who had a lot of training by us about how to build a support group and in the curriculum We begin in the first pregnancy and continue with them and grew in the same groups until the child is 18 months to 2 years old. Another thing that's interesting and I think helps to build the closeness is that the children are not very far apart in age. We recruit within a three-month age range, but if you're worried about when the begin saw that you don't have to listen to that person was worried about the terrible twos. It just doesn't mean anything to you at that time. One of the point I wanted to make and I know that you're all here to is this business of self-confidence and self-esteem. I don't want to give the sense that one needs an enormous amount of information that it's Rich really helpful, but one doesn't have to go to college. There are certain good things that that that we pick up but I think having confidence in oneself believing in oneself is probably the best thing you can pass on to kits. And in order to do that you have to have as a fair measure of it yourself and I guess that's one of the biases we have that is a very difficult thing. I work at at Harriet Tubman battered women shelter as a volunteer and I see women of different income levels who are just be stepped with problems who have very little control over themselves or their own life at the point. They're there to say nothing of their kids. I mean, it's a it's a very difficult situation how do parents get into that sort of crisis situation in NY importantly, what do they do to get out? If you can't reach them when you know, they're pregnant part of being in it is isolation and not having contact with others. I think you get out of it by sharing with others finding out that other people are meeting the same problem sharing a I think you come away from ses


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