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Download Microsoft Excel 2003 Arabic

Download Microsoft Excel 2003 Arabic

Microsoft Excel 2003 is a spreadsheet application that allows you to create, edit, and analyze data. It is part of the Microsoft Office 2003 suite, which also includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. If you want to use Microsoft Excel 2003 in Arabic, you have two options: download the Office language interface pack (LIP) or install the right-to-left language support.

Download the Office language interface pack (LIP)

The Office language interface pack (LIP) is a free download that changes the language of the ribbon and commands for some Microsoft Office applications, including Excel. The LIP does not change the language of the content in your files. To download the Office language interface pack (LIP) for Arabic, follow these steps:

Download File:

  • Open an Microsoft 365 program file, such as a Word document.

  • On the File tab, choose Options > Language.

  • In the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog box, in the Editing Language list, choose the Arabic dialect you want, and then choose Add.

  • In the Choose Display and Help Languages section, choose Arabic from the Display Language list.

  • Choose OK.

  • Restart your Office application for the changes to take effect.

Install the right-to-left language support

If you want to enter, edit, and display text in a right-to-left language, such as Arabic, you need to enable the Windows keyboard language for that language. You also need to set the text direction and alignment in Excel. To install the right-to-left language support for Arabic, follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel and choose Region and Language.

  • On the Keyboards and Languages tab, choose Change keyboards.

  • On the General tab, choose Add.

  • In the Add Input Language dialog box, expand Arabic (Saudi Arabia), expand Keyboard, select Arabic (101), and then choose OK.

  • In Excel, select the cells that contain or will contain text in a right-to-left language.

  • On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, choose Text Direction and select Right-to-Left.

  • To change the alignment of text within cells from left to right or right to left, on the Home tab, in the Alignment group, choose Align Left or Align Right.


In this article, we have learned how to download Microsoft Excel 2003 Arabic by using either the Office language interface pack (LIP) or the right-to-left language support. These options allow you to use Excel in Arabic and work with data in a right-to-left environment. For more information about using right-to-left languages in Office, you can visit this link.


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