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Where To Buy Pork Chomps

Scott Pet, Inc. has manufactured and distributed delicious, natural, and varied pet products since 1975, and is now an industry leader in the production of premium pet treats and chews. Scott Pet products have become many pet owners' suppliers of choice for pork skin dog chews, natural treats, and accessories. Pork Chomps by Scott Pet are 100% rawhide-free for easy digestion and come in all shapes and sizes for every dog under the sun to enjoy. Pork Chomps are made from baked pork skin, providing a healthier alternative to pig ears with the same look and taste. Pork Chomps retain the natural flavor of pork skin for treat dogs can't resist.

where to buy pork chomps

Pet Mountain has a complete line of Pork Chomp products made specifically to suit the needs of dogs. Their product line has expanded to include the basics and accessories all dogs need every day, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of natural treats in the world. Check out their wildly popular twist treats. Your best friend is sure to love them. Scott Pet takes great pride in the design and production of every item and adheres to a rigid set of principles to earn the trust of pet parents everywhere. Just a few of the reasons pet lovers choose Scott Pet are:-Superior Products - High quality, healthy treats for your pet-Complete Coverage - Several complete product lines for ease of purchasing-Diversity - Different brands that complement each other-Experience - Decades of knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, and pet care knowledge.

Premium Pork Chomps are made from expanded baked pork skin instead of beef rawhide; 9/10 dogs prefer this taste to beef rawhide. Beef rawhide is tasteless and has to be based or flavored whereas pork skin has natural tasty flavors.

Scott Pet introduced Pork Chomps in 2006 as the first dog chew made from a patented process of expanded pork skin and 100 percent rawhide-free. In 2016, Jungle Jack Hanna signed on as the first celebrity spokesperson for the brand. Scott Pet created a rawhide-free family of products by introducing Nutri Chomps in 2017, a rawhide-free chew that is vitamin and mineral enriched, high in protein and easily digestible. 041b061a72


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