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Eligibility for access provided best practice standards for managing incoming information, which included: Assessment of the importance of an incoming message by experienced professionals Evaluation of the relevance of the message to the projects prior knowledge Davies et al (2007) [9] raise some well reasoned arguments about the potential for cognitive overload when reviewing a large number of messages. They suggest it is overly simplistic to dismiss the number of messages received per day by the study under discussion as a waste of time. Others have discussed the benefits of having this volume of information readily available to the researchers on a daily basis [19].

It is unclear what occurred with the other articles, but the views and download rates per day were very close for the final four articles compared to the first five articles, which were published over a relatively short period. So, it is possible that readers became bored with the first five TRs after viewing them over an extended period. This may explain the ‘log-jam’ observed in those earlier articles.

Despite some anomalies, we feel that the number of views and download rates of this study is noteworthy. All five TRs were downloaded by at least 600 individuals during the study period. This data suggests that this message was of importance, but also, is a sign that it was not ignored.

It is also worth considering which specific information was most valuable to the reviewers. For three of the five TRs, this is evident as they were the most downloaded TRs [16,17,19]. The authors argue that the data show that the ‘universal’ information on the dilation and effacement of the vagina was viewed and downloaded by people in a number of countries and cultures, and that the study demonstrates the feasibility of TRs for global use [4]. d2c66b5586


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