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Projectile Weapons Installer Dmg File

The following table describes the possible attributes of weapons and items as contained in the items_game.txt file. This is the list of item attributes as described to the user, so some attributes will be duplicated if they can both appear as positive or negative (such as a damage bonus/penalty) or if they have several different descriptions ("set_weapon_mode" is used to represent alternate versions of half a dozen different weapons).

Projectile weapons installer dmg file

The weapon is unique in that its projectile is not a bullet, plasma, laser, flame, electromagnetic pulse, or electrical charge. Since the holorifle is based on hologram technology, it fires a concentrated photon-based energy projectile, and so is most similar to photonic energy weapons (i.e., lasers). On impact, the projectile applies a "holorifle damage" effect, dealing an additional 15 damage over three seconds and visualized by glowing flakes wafting off the target (similar to the "flame damage" done by a flamer or incinerator) and knocking the target back. As with most other energy weapons, the holorifle's projectile will ignite any gas traps and other flammable hazards that it comes in contact with.

Most animals can only be tamed through the violent method, which involves knocking the animal out using blunt weapons or tranquilizer projectiles and then feeding the animal its preferred food until it is tamed. A lot of animals need to be kept sedated, using narcotics extracted from plants, until they are tamed. Once tamed, a dinosaur or another animal can be ridden by the player in order to get around quicker. Larger animals can also be used used for protection or offense.

* ENHANCEMENTS: * Added boundary checking to all moveable windows. Now windows cannot be positioned off the screen. * Added ability to scale Radar Warning Receiver Window. Scale persists to config file and can be changed in Settings. Git Issue #410 * Redesigned and added ability to scale Radar Window. Scale persists to config file and can be changed in Settings. Git Issue #410 * Added a toggle to collapse/expand the list of weapons on the Weapon Manager window. Git Issue #410 * Increased the number of range steps in the Radar. Now can display up to 1000km by default. * Added Dynamic range settings to Radar Display based on the max range of the radars in operation. * Added close buttons to the upper right of some windows. Git Issue #410 * Added option in Settings to turn off Bullet Hole Decals (may help with performance) 041b061a72


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