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Madea\'s Big Happy Family Full Movie

You've seen it all in other Perry movies: juvenile jokes, marital woes, family strife, uplifting singing, and the pushy, bombastic, and sometimes wonderful Madea. Refreshing and surprising this movie is not, so if innovation and vision are what you're looking for, you'll have to move on. What's more, feminists may be taken aback by the shrewish portrayal of most of the women, and how their deference toward their husbands is not-so-subtly advised as the key to marital bliss.

Madea\'s Big Happy Family Full Movie


But the auteur's latest - in which, with Madea's "help," a dying woman (Loretta Devine) attempts to unite her dysfunctional family - is still labored and depressingly repetitive, with Perry working his signature blend of slapstick, religious fervor, and lurid melodrama to increasingly tired effect. As ever, I'll concede that I'm hardly the film's target demographic - fellow audience members happily cried "Amen!" and "That's the truth!" following Madea's tough-love platitudes - and Big Happy Family is hardly devoid of good things: There are touching performances by Devine and Shad "The Artist Formerly Known as Lil' Bow Wow" Moss, and Chandra Currelley-Young belts out a glorious gospel number to leave you shaking. But I still found this poorly staged, poorly written endeavor a tough sit, and that's not even considering the exhausted dirty-old-lady comedy of Cassi Davis' Aunt Bam, a bitterly sarcastic yowler in a fright wig and house dress. Really, isn't one Madea per Tyler Perry movie enough? 041b061a72


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