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Indiginus Acoustic Guitar Collection [KONTAKT] Setup Free [VERIFIED]

Our own KOMPLETE START package nets you a couple of tasty free guitar libraries alongside a wealth of other sampled instruments, synths and effects. Jazz Guitar and Rock Guitar are part of the Band collection of 13 KONTAKT libraries (which also includes basses, drums, keys and more), and both share a common scripted interface that enables adjustment of tuning and velocity response, as well as randomization of volume, velocity, pan and pitch. Plenty of sound shaping is on offer via the Tone and Pickup controls, and a variety of effects, including one-knob wah-wah, distortion, overdrive and compression modules, and master reverb, three-band graphic EQ and 11 cabinet simulations; and the Noise knob introduces fret and string noise for heightened realism. A solid option for quick and easily adaptable guitar parts.

Indiginus Acoustic Guitar Collection [KONTAKT] setup free

A library called FunkyGuitar is pictured above, but you can also grab a free acoustic guitar library, a nice collection of guitar mutes and slaps, and more. The samples can be downloaded directly from the Pettinhouse website without signing up for a user account.

Lately, I've been transcribing my acoustic guitar bits to midi and playing them back through jazz guitar in kontakt with guitar rig. The sound is ok but of course electric. This is not so bad since my acoustic guitar style is mainly grabbed chords and finger picking jazz style, with the occasional strummed chord. I don't have an acoustic guitar in my collection.

Here are some free downloads from Indiginus as well as their $59 US nylon string acoustic , $45 US jangly steel string acoustic and another $59 US steel string acoustic . Each guitar sounds different and the user interface differs from plain to great.

For the most authentic sound, a Hound Dog Dobro resonator guitar was captured using a coincident mic setup. Positioned 8 inches in front of the instrument, a beautiful phase-free stereo image was achieved, with results that also sound great in mono. The overall sonic effect is upfront and present without any room tone that could muddy up mixes.


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