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Face Rig: How to Use Your iPhone or Webcam for Face Tracking

Face Rig Free Download: How to Create and Use Custom Avatars for Video Chatting and Streaming

Have you ever wanted to transform yourself into a different character while video chatting or streaming? Maybe you want to hide your real identity, express yourself in a more creative way, or just have some fun with your friends or audience. If so, you might be interested in Face Rig, a software that lets you create and use custom avatars for video chatting and streaming.

Face Rig Free Download

Face Rig is a software that uses face tracking technology to map your facial expressions and movements onto a virtual character. You can choose from a wide range of avatars, from animals and objects to humanoids and anime characters. You can also customize your avatar with different props, backgrounds, emotes, and animations. You can then use your avatar with any platform that works with a webcam, such as OBS, Discord, Zoom, Google Meetings, etc.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install Face Rig for free, how to use it with different features and options, and how to import your own models if you want more variety. We will also give you some tips and tricks for using Face Rig effectively. By the end of this article, you will be able to create and use custom avatars for video chatting and streaming like a pro.

What are the features of Face Rig?

Face Rig is a software that offers many features for creating and using custom avatars for video chatting and streaming. Here are some of the main features that you can enjoy with Face Rig:

Animaze by Face Rig: The successor to Face Rig with improved graphics and animation

Animaze by Face Rig is the latest version of Face Rig that was released in November 2021. It is built as the successor to the very successful original Face Rig that was launched in 2015. Animaze by Face Rig redefines avatar embodiment with enhanced face tracking, expressive animation, and improved graphics. It also has more avatars, props, backgrounds, emotes, animations, trackers, compatibility options, import options, etc. than the original version.

If you already have the original version of Face Rig, you can upgrade to Animaze by Face Rig for free. If you don't have it yet, you can download Animaze by Face Rig for free or purchase a license that gives you more features.

Customization and expression: How to choose from a variety of avatars and props

One of the best features of Face Rig is that it allows you to customize your avatar according to your preferences. You can choose from over 50 avatars provided by the software or import your own models from Live2D, VRM or Ready Player Me formats. You can also add props such as glasses, hats, masks, weapons, etc. to your avatar. You can change the color, size, position, rotation, etc. of your avatar and props as well.

Another great feature of Face Rig is that it allows you to express yourself through your avatar. You can make your avatar smile, frown, wink, laugh, cry, etc. by using your facial expressions or keyboard shortcuts. You can also make your avatar perform actions such as waving, dancing, clapping, etc. by using emotes or animations.

Compatibility and optimization: How to connect Face Rig with different platforms and trackers

Another feature of Face Rig is that it is compatible with many platforms that work with a webcam. You can use your avatar with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), SLOBS (Streamlabs OBS), Discord (a chat app), Zoom (a video conferencing app), Google Meetings (a web-based meeting app), etc. You can also use your avatar with other software such as Skype (a video calling app), Steam (a gaming platform), Twitch (a streaming platform), etc.

Another feature of Face Rig is that it is optimized for different trackers that enhance the accuracy and realism of your avatar. You can use your webcam or iPhone as the main tracker for face tracking. You can also use additional trackers such as Leap Motion (a hand tracking device), audio-based lip trackers (such as Voicemeeter Banana or VB-Audio Virtual Cable), Tobii Eye Trackers (eye tracking devices), etc.

Importing your own models: How to use Live2D, VRM and Ready Player Me models in Face Rig

If you want more variety in your avatars than what is provided by the software, you can import your own models into Face Rig. You can use models from Live2D (a 2D animation software), VRM (a 3D model format for VR applications) or Ready Player Me (a web-based avatar creator). You can also convert other formats such as FBX (a 3D model format) into VRM using tools such as UniVRM.

To import your own models into Face Rig, you need to follow some steps depending on the format of your model. You can find detailed guides on how to import Live2D models here , how to import VRM models here , how to import Ready Player Me models here , how to convert FBX models into VRM here , etc.

How to download and install Face Rig?

If you are interested in trying out Face Rig for yourself, you need to download and install it on your PC. Here are the steps you need to follow:

System requirements: What you need to run Face Rig on your PC

Before you download and install Face Rig, you need to make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements. Here are the minimum system requirements for running Face Rig:

  • OS: Windows 7 or later

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 or equivalent

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT220 or equivalent

  • DirectX: Version 9.0

  • Storage: 3 GB available space

  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

  • Additional Notes: For image based tracking you need a webcam. For sound base tracking you need a microphone. The requirements are based on desktop systems, not mobile (netbooks, ultrabooks, laptops, tablet pc). The mobile versions of processors and graphics adapters are not equivalent to the desktop ones. If you have a mobile PC please make sure the charger is plugged, you are running on the best performance mode and not on power saving mode.

Download options: Where to get Face Rig for free or with a license

There are two main ways to download Face Rig: through Steam or through the official website.

Steam is a gaming platform that allows you to download and play games and software on your PC. You can download Face Rig for free from Steam by following these steps:

  • Go to the Steam website and create an account or log in if you already have one.

  • Download and install the Steam client on your PC.

  • Launch the Steam client and search for Animaze by Face Rig in the store.

  • Click on the Play Game button to download and install Face Rig for free.

  • You can also purchase a license that gives you more features such as Animaze Plus 22 or Animaze Pro 22.

The official website is the website of the developers of Face Rig, Holotech Studios. You can download Face Rig for free from the official website by following these steps: