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Microsoft Project 2013 Activation Key and Download Link | eBay

If you have a valid proof of purchase of this Microsoft Project 2013, I suggest you try to contact Microsoft support online directly to confirm whether they can replace the key for you or provide other options.

Microsoft Project 2013 Key


Microsoft Project is a project management and optimization software for any organization. The package includes built-in templates, tools for analytics and statistics, tools for time management, reporting.

Various products are released under the Microsoft Project brand: single-user and enterprise versions, a program for selecting projects, a web interface for easy editing, and a cloud solution. The software is available for 3 different subscriptions: you can choose the best option based on the functionality you are interested in.

Microsoft Project is the cornerstone of Project management software to help manage budgets, manage the finance for these budgets, allocate resources (people, equipment and materials), keep on top of task/project schedules, analyse workloads, ensure the timeline of completion is being met and to track/ensure project progression. Microsoft Project is the best-in-class essential software toolkit in order to manage, direct, share and be on top of any task or project in this modern day environment.

Microsoft Project 2013 is one of the of the world's most popular project management software specially designed and developed by Microsoft. Project 2013 is suitable for any business or enterprise - one size meets all. Project, follows Microsoft Office's familiar layout and user interface, with its universally liked drop down menus, task summaries, timeline of events, task progress links with it's users having every function and feature needed to stay on track with all project's and operations throughout the project.

Microsoft Project 2013 Professional allows you to execute projects with ease with its Built-in templates and familiar scheduling tools help project managers/teams stay productive and proficient. As well as these, there is an endless amount of other benefits and features to execute their tasks. Some of which are listed below:

Project 2013 allows you to work on projects more efficiently and with ease. You can Create reports on project progress by forwarding vital details to your team and others effortlessly. You can also monitor their timelines and monitor their progress effortlessly.

If your company has a project that needs to be completed, you are going to want to make sure that every aspect of it is organized so that it goes efficiently and according to budget. It goes without saying that making sure that you have enough employees, equipment, and everything you need to complete the project is critical to the success of you and your business. It is a lot to manage and a lot to do. Even for someone with the best project management skills, it can be overwhelming.

Decades ago, perhaps everything would be done on paper. You'd have numerous graphs, pages of notes, and copies would be made for everyone who had just the slightest part in the project. Nowadays, however, project management software can make managing and completing a project easier than ever before. Tracking the progress of a project is as easy as signing into the program. In fact, a good software program like MS Project 2013 can allocate resources, assign tasks, track budgets, and be your right hand as you manage the project from beginning to end.

That said, there are dozens of project management programs on the market today. Choosing the right one can be confusing because you want the best one for your company and your projects. Microsoft Project 2013 is just one of those programs. While you may choose it because it is a familiar name, you should also choose it because it offers the insight and features that are common to all Microsoft products and will offer the aspects you need to complete any project within your company.

Microsoft Project 2013 is a project management software program created for businesses and freelance professionals to help better manage individual projects that occur within companies. Although no project management software should be used to replace project management techniques or adequate training of management and staff, MS Project 2013 can and will improve the efficiency, organization, and sometimes even the speed of which a project is completed.

Each project that you undertake will be made up of certain components. This holds true in MS Project 2013. The first component your project will have is tasks. Tasks are things that have to be accomplished in order for the project to be complete. Think of it as your to-do list that will get you from point A to point B. Your tasks can be as detailed (or not) as you want them to be. A task can be simply researching competition or it can be a phase of your project that contains a summary task as well as subtasks. For example, if you are creating a new software program for your company, your task might be to research similar software. Subtasks might be researching businesses that have similar software, analyzing their sales, and then looking at their pricing models.

In Project 2013, tasks are organized into phases, or stages. In the Gantt chart view of Project 2013, you will be able to see your tasks, as well as an outline of the time it will take to complete those. Since timing is always going to be important to your project, MS Project 2013 allows you to set up and view the timing relationships upon tasks. You can also set dependencies. A dependency will show that one task (task A, for example) must be completed before Task C can begin.

Simply put, project management is defined as the process of managing all the elements of a project to complete it. This includes supplies, labor, financials, etc. It is a fact that project management is becoming increasingly important within companies in order for them to operate successfully and efficiently. The skills that managers and employers are given during training to manage the day-to-day operations of a company are different than the ones they'll need to manage individual projects.

Successfully managing a project requires discipline. It requires that time, scope, and cost are managed in a way that bring about the completion of specific goals or a project itself. This requires planning and organization. Microsoft Project 2013 can help project managers and their staff organize their projects and meet their goals by acting as a virtual assistant that can produce information, charts, and reports to help the project smoothly advance through to completion.

There are three things that must be managed during a project. This will help you better understand what MS Project offers you and help you put the aspects of this software to work for you once we've learned how to use it.

The first is cost. Cost is everything and anything that has to do with money related to your project. It includes people, equipment, material, profit, etc. If anything costs or makes your company money in relation to a project, then it is factored into the cost.

Next is time. The time used for the project is a sum of all the time used to complete tasks that lead to the completion of the project. This can include employee time, equipment time, and even time to see profit.

Finally, there is the scope. The scope of your project can also be referred to as the specifications for the project. The specifications or scope define what the final results are supposed to be. Quality is a major part of the scope.

That said, if your project is well managed, it delivers exactly what it was supposed to within the given time frame and without spending more money than allocated. By managing the above three components using MS Project 2013, it can be much easier to achieve.

Project can be purchased one of two ways. You can purchase Project 2013 through Microsoft for a one-time charge. However, if you do not want to fork out a large sum of money at once, you can also purchase a subscription of Project Pro through Office 365. The subscription requires that you pay a monthly fee; however, you get all the benefits of Project 2013 with the subscription-based version.

2. Microsoft will as you if you want to download the 32 or 64 bit version of Project 2013. Be careful here. You should select the one that matches any other versions of Office (or Office programs) that you have on your computer. You should not choose the one that matches your operating system. If you choose the wrong one, Microsoft will instruct you to uninstall other Office programs from your computer during the Project installation process. You do not want to have to do this. If you have Office 365, 32 bit is the default. Unless you specified 64 bit during your setup and installation of Office, you have 32 bit. This means you will need to choose 32 bit for Project.

6. Once Project is installed, locate it on your computer. If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1, go to your Start screen and locate Project, then open it. You will be asked to sign into your Windows Live account to verify your copy of Project is genuine. Again, be careful! If you downloaded a free trial of Project 2013, you must enter the product key to verify the Project 2013. You will see a blue link toward the bottom part of the sign-in box that says "enter product key instead." Click this link, and enter the product key that was given to you when you created your profile.

When you open Project 2013 for the firt time, you have a few choices in ow you want to get started. You can open a project you recently opened with Project. You will find recently opened files on the left (as circled in red below). There probably won't be files showing in this area if it is the very first time you opened the program.


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