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Zune HD Release Date And PRE news

We already new that Windows 7 would be released in 2009 and we have previously speculated it would be available on 23rd of October, but now Microsoft has given us an official date of October 22nd. This is one version of Windows I think we will all be happy to upgrade too.

Zune HD release date and PRE news

Two months later, on November 6, 2009, firmware update 4.3 was released.[10] The new firmware version improved the performance of the web browser, added support for the apps that were to be released in the days that followed, and fixed several notable bugs. On November 11, 2009, several new apps appeared on the Zune Marketplace. The new apps included PGR: Ferrari Edition, Audiosurf Tilt, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Vans Sk8: Pool Service, Checkers, and Piano.[11]

As of May 2010, the Zune Marketplace has 24 apps. Stopwatch, Labyrinth, & Solitaire were added to the marketplace on April 28, 2010. Two more card game apps, Spades and Hearts, and updates to the Facebook and Twitter apps were released on May 18, 2010.[26] MSN Money and Animalgrams apps came out July 29, 2010, along with another update to the Twitter and Facebook app.

Microsoft's own software for Windows Mobile and the Zune HD is similarly bad. Its mobile version of Internet Explorer still doesn't work despite having been on the market since 1996. What's "new" in the release of the Zune HD is a different version of the mobile IE browser, based not upon the creaky IE 4 engine from 1997 (still delivered in today's Windows Mobile devices), but a mobile version of IE 6, which dates back to 2001. That leaves the Zune HD's browser nearly a decade behind the modern WebKit browsers used in the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, and modern BlackBerry phones.

First, let's examine piracy occurring at the pre-release stage. This refers to the lossof material before its official release date. We often think of this as it relates to motion pictures, where the stakes are higher. We are all familiar with a film playing in a theater on the firstday of its release with someone going into the theater with a camera, recording the film, and then posting it on a file-sharing network. There are also multiple examples of pre-release theatricalpiracy, where excellent copies become available because the finished film or pieces of the film-in-progress have been leaked. This is often due to the continuing use of physical distribution of filmcanisters or from a high-definition (HD) tape that has been used for previews/screenings. Thus, an investment north of $150 million becomes available as a $2 to $5 DVD on a street corner and lookspretty darn good.


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