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Despite the large number of letters Van Gogh wrote, he said very little about The Starry Night.[1] After reporting that he had painted a starry sky in June, Van Gogh next mentioned the painting in a letter to Theo on or about 20 September 1889, when he included it in a list of paintings he was sending to his brother in Paris, referring to it as a "night study."[24] Of this list of paintings, he wrote, "All in all the only things I consider a little good in it are the Wheatfield, the Mountain, the Orchard, the Olive trees with the blue hills and the Portrait and the Entrance to the quarry, and the rest says nothing to me"; "the rest" would include The Starry Night. When he decided to hold back three paintings from this batch in order to save money on postage, The Starry Night was one of the paintings he did not send.[25] Finally, in a letter to painter Émile Bernard from late November 1889, Van Gogh referred to the painting as a "failure."[26]

Starry Night Download Windows 7 11

Whether watching a football match, watching people riding a roller coaster, or enjoying the starry night views, you will feel immersed in the screen using a VR player. So below are the top 10 excellent VR video players for Windows, along with the MP4 VR video player!

Visitors can also enjoy an unrivaled view of the Southern Alps and the starry night sky through the home's sunroof and front windows inside the capsule, which also includes a bed that can sleep two, a small kitchen, and a bathroom.

The Starry Night aesthetic is created by Van Gogh's use of color, light, and brushstrokes. For this oil on canvas painting, Van Gogh applied the paint directly to the canvas, resulting in very intense color and paint that stands up off the canvas' surface. The top two-thirds of the canvas is the night sky, with a small town nestled between the Alpilles mountains and an olive grove. The sky is full of energy created by short, circular brushstrokes of intense blue around glowing yellow and white circular stars and a crescent moon. The morning star, just to the left of center, glows brightest. The blue of the sky is blended into the black mountains. There is a large cypress tree on the left in the foreground that moves and sways with the same energy as the sky. It has been described as flame-like. The cypress reaches almost the entire height of the painting. The small village in the center is a juxtaposition, with straight brushstrokes in muted greys and blacks. The church spire reaches into the sky, mirroring the cypress tree. Yellow lights glow from the village windows. The church is notably dark, with no light shining from its windows. It is the sky that draws the eye, with its energy, swirling movement, and dream-like quality.

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