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3 Innovative Shower Storage Products For A Luxury Bathroom [TOP]

This product is not the sweaty gray lockers you might remember from 7th grade gym class. This shower locker is completely adjustable system allowing the shelves to be moved from one slot to another for different sized showering products. One shelf has a built in space for a tooth brush or shaver. There is also a standard basket which is excellent for small items like loofas. The shower locker comes in white, dune, biscuit, almond, grey and sandbar colors. The shelves can be removed to make cleaning a snap. The back of the unit is rounded so no water is trapped between the shelves and the locker itself. A tile shower simply does not have this type of flexibility or ease of cleaning features.

3 Innovative Shower Storage Products for a Luxury Bathroom

ESS is the inventor, developer and official supplier of Easy Drain linear shower drains. ESS is designing, developing and producing sanitary solutions since 1928 with commitment to excellent quality. All products are extensively tested, to ensure a long-lasting life in your bathroom.

For your bathroom ideas to shine, your bathroom storage ideas need to store everything from towels to toiletries. Being able to neatly store things away is even more important if you have a large family or regularly have guests over.

When storing items in your bathroom you don't need to break the bank, especially if you're focusing on budget bathroom ideas. Budget storage ideas offer an easy and quick solution to keep your items in order.

Wicker baskets are a neutral colour that will blend in well with your other bathroom storage ideas and come in a variety of shapes and sizes so can fit in all spaces big and small. Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy (opens in new tab) advises using wicker baskets to store towels and face cloths, so they are easy to access and look good.

Not all storage needs to hide things away, glass fronted cabinets are a great way to display beautiful toiletry bottles or your stash of luxury towels. If you have the space opt for a full glass cabinet to store your favourite bathtime treats. In a smaller bathroom consider adding a glass front to one key cabinet.

Stud walls can be used to your advantage to incorporate extra storage. Natalie Bird, brand marketing manager at Roca (opens in new tab) says often toilets with concealed cisterns will use a stud wall and these can be adapted to contain recessed shelving. This shelving can be used to store essentials such as toilet rolls, or for decorative items like a reed diffuser or bathroom plant ideas.

A bathroom cabinet or drawer may start off tidy and organised but can descend into chaos, making it hard to find the products you really want. A lazy susan or a turntable as they are also known, is a way to streamline and keep your toiletries neat and tidy. By placing your items on a lazy susan it is easy to spin it round till you find what you need without knocking things over in your bid to find your favourite moisturiser.

A different take on your bathroom shelving ideas is to use a bath tray which can be used to store bath essentials. If your bathroom includes a bath, slowing down and taking a hot soak can be a great way to unwind at the end of the day. If you want to keep the corners of your bath clutter free, a bath tray can hold your essentials such as shower gel and shampoo.

Some of the best bathroom storage ideas are the easiest ones, like using Ikea hacks to transform a shelving unit side unit into a clever towel ladder. Attach jute webbing along its sides and rungs to hide any unsightly screw holes or scuffs, and give it a tactile finishing touch.

This compact trolley fits into the smallest of spaces, perfect for housing all your bathroom items in one portable unit. Use the bottom shelves for towels and top for the products that you want to keep within easy reach such as your essential toiletries.

An Ikea spice rack, a couple of leather handles, cup hooks and a length of dowel together create this ingenious loo roll holder, creating space to keep your favourite bathroom products and a scented diffuser too.

Keep your surfaces clutter-free and store toiletries and towels close to hand by using the back of the door for bathroom storage ideas. Hang the baskets centrally down the door from small cup hooks. The baskets can be in neutral or bold colours depending on your bathroom scheme.

Give an upcycled vintage chest a new lease of life by turning it into a bathroom cabinet through pairing it with a sleek, contemporary basin for an understated look. The drawers below will give you plenty of storage space and the height and size can be chosen to suit your space.

Open shelves give an instant overview of the products you have and those you are running low on. A nifty bathroom shelving idea would be a tall, freestanding shelf unit like this Vito Shelving Unit, 80, Ikea (opens in new tab), which will take up minimum floor space and can slot in beside a basin, bath or shower. Keep daily-use items, such as soap and toothbrushes, at hand height for easy access and stack bulkier things, like spare towels, lower down.

Make the most of every inch of space with tiny bathroom storage ideas. Fill an unused gap beside a door with custom-made shelves, running from floor to ceiling and use to stack towels or store toiletries.

For a less-permanent option to wall-mounted shelving, consider a freestanding ladder shelf for bathroom storage ideas. Narrower than standard shelf units (so perfect for a small bathroom) it can be propped against a wall to store all manners of bathroom storage.

Introduce shelving where ever you can in a bathroom. The twin washstands shown here incorporate a lower glass shelf for towel storage, while floating wall shelves between the basin and mantel mirror provide handy perches for toiletries. A lovely scheme made gorgeous by symmetry.

When space is at a premium, consider recessed shelving bathroom storage ideas. Line them up in a neat row to turn them into a design feature in their own right. Paint them the same colour as the rest of the wall to make them visually blend into the scheme. To create recessed shelving, you'll need to build a false wall, which can also be used to keep plumbing out of sight.

Look to the upcycling trend when considering bathroom storage. Turn wooden crates into rustic bathroom shelving by fixing the back of the crates to the wall. These are ideal for storing folded hand towels, loo rolls and baskets of toiletries. It is also a great budget option that won't take up precious flooring space, which is often limited in bathrooms. It also allows you to create something unique and personal to your space.

For a designer feel, commission bespoke statement bathroom storage ideas or get creative and build your own. This fabulous recessed under-basin unit not only brings order to the bathroom, it also makes for an eye-catching feature. Its clean, simple lines would work well with any type of tile or bathroom colour scheme. For a pop of colour to act as a focal point paint the inside of the recess a different colour to the outside.

Make room for plenty of bathroom storage ideas, even in a compact space. Despite its small size, this room has no shortage of storage space and it's another example of boxed-in pipework - this time with a handy shelf above the loo. The gap above the shelf is perfect for hanging a mirrored cabinet so that it's not jutting out into the room.

Go for something a bit different with an open washstand that closely resembles furniture you would find in other rooms of the house. There's plenty of scope for bathroom storage on the shelf - baskets and boxes will help to keep your things in order - while favourite trinkets can be proudly displayed next to the stunning mounted basin and tap.

Use a bookcase for instant freestanding storage in the bathroom. This design is clean and simple and provides eye-catching practical storage and display space for towels, baskets, toiletries and vases. A deep wall shade and white woodwork will allow bathroom shelves, furniture and sanitary ware to stand out.

Even window ledges offer storage opportunities. If you have limited floor space, look upwards to your wall space. An easy storage solution is to add open shelving and there are plenty of bathroom shelving ideas. You could use baskets to hide a multitude of sins.

The Hanging Shower Caddy of all shower caddies, this product fits on almost any shower head and provides the ultimate shower storage, which eliminates the need for shower shelves or a standing corner shower caddy. Its hooks and soap tray gives you plenty of space for all your shower accessories and its suction cups keep it firmly in place.

Note: adhesive is not reusable. After installing the adhesive, please wait at least 24 hours before putting items on the shelves. Shower caddy shelf organizer 2 pack, no drilling wall mounted adhesive bathroom shower shelves basket rack stainless steel for shower kitchen storage (matte black).

Tobiko is composed of two large shelves, a versatile hook for hanging over your shower head or clipping to a shower door, suction cups for additional stability, and s-hooks for customizable storage. Tobiko features drainage holes built throughout it, ensuring your products dry quickly. Each shelf has two larger holes that allow shampoo bottles to be stored spout down, so the product can be dispensed more easily. Tobiko can be hooked over your shower head or shower door.

Organize your shower with the Eisenman Tier Shower Caddy! This corner shower caddy fits nicely in your shower or can sit outside as additional storage space for toilet paper, tissue, soap, makeup, and more! It is designed with a satin finish and the rust-resistant coating will add a stylish touch to your bathroom and look fresh through years of quality use. Three tiers of shelves provide ample storage, so you never have to worry about picking things off the floor again! The wired design allows water to easily drain while storing your shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap, and more. Measuring at 11.5" x 7.5" x 25.75", the Eisenmanr Tier Shower Caddy is the perfect addition to your bathroom! With Eisenman by Rebrilliant, you can #LiveSimply every day.


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