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Ready to up your game with some new grill tools? We researched more than 50 sets before selecting 9 of the best available on the market today. Our team of culinary experts compared these sets side-by-side to tease out the subtle differences between spatulas and tongs. We tested these tools by actually cooking with them, judging their performance and backing that experience up with scrutiny of their quality and utility. After hours of objective research and hands-on testing, we offer an in-depth review to help simplify your selection process and get you the right tools for the job.


The Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty 4-Piece Set is a purposefully designed kit built to last. This is a no-frills set of essentials, and the tools are constructed with heavy-gauge stainless steel. Although many companies advertise "heavy-duty," this is the only set we tested that is cast thick enough not to flex or bend. The handles are backed with ergonomic rubber grips that conform nicely to the natural contour of the fingers, and although they don't come with a case, these tools do have large hanging loops.

If grilling is your introduction to the culinary arts, then the OlarHike 25-Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Kit will help jumpstart your newest passion. This set goes above and beyond even the complete sets featured in this review by including tools like a meat thermometer, meat injector, silicone heat glove, and even a salt and pepper shaker set. This allows you to have it all to start and then decide which tools best suit your needs once you develop a cooking style. The majority of the utensils are so similar to the award-winning Home-Complete set that you can rest assured that you are buying a kit filled with quality grilling tools.

The handles of the OlarHike are short, around 15 inches. These stainless steel tools also lack any type of ergonomic grips. The tongs do not have a locking mechanism, and even though the handle on the spatula is short, the head is almost too wide to nimbly navigate a full grill. These gripes aside, this set represents an incomparable value, particularly when you consider all of the extra tools included with your purchase.

The Weber 3-Piece Stainless Steel Premium Set presents functionality particularly suited to grilling. All of these tools have handles that measure just under 18 inches, nearly an inch longer than their closest competitor. The oversized handles are wrapped in a rubberized grip that incorporates finger grooves, making them very comfortable handling. The tongs have a classic scallop design, but uniquely, the teeth are turned inward, providing a superior grip on food when compared directly to almost every other pair we tested. This design, combined with their length, makes them apt for moving around coals to adjust heat zones.

The Cuisinart 13-Piece Bamboo Set will perfectly fit the aesthetic of the modern kitchen. Stainless steel tools are capped with bamboo handles, giving these otherwise basic implements a very clean appearance. This is a surprisingly affordable set, considering the number of pieces included and the fact that it all comes in a hard-sided aluminum case.

But the tools themselves are not high-quality and have notably short handles, measuring just under 15 inches. The stainless steel is lightweight and flimsy, and the flat neck of the utensils bends out of place, rather than flexing and snapping back to its proper position. Though it fits with the theme of this set, the grill scrubber is designed with bamboo tines that are completely ineffective. We were dismayed that after only two uses, the head of our spatula was so loose in its handle that it actually wobbled back and forth. These tools are highlighted in appearance rather than quality construction.

Show off your team spirit at your next tailgate or Sunday BBQ with the YouTheFan NFL 3-Piece Spirit Series Set. This otherwise basic set of essential tools features the branding of your favorite NFL team, complete with a laser-cut spatula head. The spatula and fork both feature bottle openers, which means you can provide both food and drink for the whole crew when it's game time.

Just as we do with all of our in-depth reviews, the process first begins with our due diligence of online research. Our team spent hours comparing and contrasting some of the most popular grill tool sets on the market today. After settling on nine of the best, we purchased all of these sets at retail cost to compare them side-by-side. In conjunction with our charcoal grill testing, we spent a week putting these tools through real-life cooking scenarios. We spent days poring over every detail, analyzing quality and durability, measuring handle length and spatula size, and considering ergonomics. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the griller in your life or looking to improve your own kitchen, our comprehensive analysis provides objectively honest comparisons to help cut down on buying time and get you cooking outside.

If grilling is an art and the barbeque is the canvas, then a set of grill tools are your brushes. We cover a range of sets, from ones that just focus on the essentials to others that will provide you with every tool imaginable (and sometimes more.) To best assess how these tool sets stack up relative to one another, we take into account four key factors: ease of use, utility, quality, and comfort. By evaluating performance and function based on these fundamental metrics, we were better poised to examine various tool sets side-by-side. This real-world, comparative testing allows us to bring you an honest, in-depth assessment to help you pick out the best set for your own outdoor kitchen.

As humans, we developed tools to make our lives easier. Therefore it is easy to conclude: what good is a set of tools if they are not easy to use? This existential question was largely assessed through evidence gathered while actually cooking with these tools. But we also take into heavy consideration the size of the tools. For grilling specifically, having a long handle keeps your hands up and away from the heat of the coal bed. But tools that are too oversized can also be cumbersome to use. Similarly, a large spatula head makes it easy to lift a large cut of meat or a stuffed portobello mushroom. However, if it's too big, it becomes difficult to flip individual items on a full grill.

We consider comfort an important metric because if these tools are not comfortable to use, you are much less likely to use them. While even professional chefs will only use these tools for a matter of hours each day, it is valuable to acknowledge any ergonomics present in the design of these tools.

A surprising few of these grill sets incorporate ergonomic grips into their design, but at this point, it may not be surprising at all which ones those are. The award-winning Alpha Grillers tools have a rubber grip on the backside of the handles that conforms perfectly to the contour of a grip. The Weber set is nearly as comfortable and incorporates thoughtful design points, like thumbprints on the tongs.

This guide is updated regularly with new tools and gadgets that have been tried, tested and top-rated by BBC Good Food's reviews experts. Those featured in this list earned their place based on their performance during rigorous, impartial product testing. Included is a selection of new releases and firm favourites that continuously hold their position against new products. We will only ever feature BBQ tools that prove to be good value for money.

It helps to have the right selection of barbecue tools and there are nifty bits of kit designed to help you achieve big flavours and delicious meals from an improved outdoor cooking experience. Whether you barbecue over charcoal or gas, the possibilities for prepping delicious dinners are endless, from sizzling seafood including these fiery prawn and pepper skewers to sides like buttery baked corn on the cob, or even something sweet such as our barbecued banoffee splits.

Looking for a new barbecue? Visit our reviews section to find our tried and tested picks of the best gas barbecues, best charcoal barbecues and best portable barbecues. Plus we've brought together our picks of the best outdoor tableware including the best serving dishes and platters for bringing some zing to your summer table.

Barbecues can reach temperatures beyond 300C, so a pair of BBQ gloves are a smart investment for minimising the risk of burns. This pair from Weber reach nicely up the wrist to offer forearm heat protection. There are practical non-slip silicone lines across the palm for aiding your grip of large BBQ tools. They're big and a little on the expensive side but durably made to last from 100% Aramid (outer) and 80% cotton/20% polyester (lining).

Great value-for-money, this 18-piece set comes stored in a nifty aluminium case. All the tools are designed with practical long handles for keeping you away from the heat and they feel durable, so should last with care. We loved the addition of sweetcorn forks, although these should only be used when the cooked corn cobs are removed from the grill. Also included is a 42cm fork, 43cm spatula, 40cm tong, 38cm silicone basting brush, 43cm brass brush and four skewers.

Lightweight, incredibly responsive to temperature changes and easy to read, this Thermapen takes away the anxiety of cooking meat on the barbecue. We inserted it into the thickest part of the meat around the estimated cooking time to ensure the meat was cooked through. Check out our round up of the best meat thermometers for our full review.

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With BBQ tools it's important to pick something that goes with your grill. Many of the best BBQs have hooks to hold tools while they're not in use, so if you have one with storage space it's worth picking up a set that's easy to hang. 041b061a72


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