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How to Use the Handbook for PAM Contract 2006: A Guide for Architects and Contractors


How to Use the Handbook for PAM Contract 2006: A Guide for Architects and Contractors

The Handbook for PAM Contract 2006 is a comprehensive and practical guide for architects and contractors who are involved in construction projects using the PAM Contract 2006, which is the standard form of contract for building works in Malaysia. The handbook was written by the authors of the PAM Contract 2006, who are experts in construction law and practice.

HANDBOOK FOR PAM CONTRACT 2006 By the authors of PAM Contract 2006 ....pdf 20

The handbook explains the clauses and conditions of the PAM Contract 2006 in detail, with examples and illustrations to help readers understand their rights and obligations under the contract. The handbook also provides useful tips and advice on how to avoid or resolve common problems and disputes that may arise during the course of a project. The handbook covers topics such as:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the parties to the contract

  • The scope and quality of the works

  • The payment and retention terms

  • The variations and claims procedures

  • The completion and defects liability periods

  • The termination and suspension rights

  • The dispute resolution mechanisms

The handbook is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the website of the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), which is the professional body of architects in Malaysia. The handbook is intended to be a reference tool for both experienced and novice practitioners, as well as students and academics who are interested in learning more about the PAM Contract 2006.

To download the handbook, please visit and click on the link "HANDBOOK FOR PAM CONTRACT 2006 By the authors of PAM Contract 2006 ....pdf 20". You will need to register as a member or a subscriber of PAM to access the file.

If you have any questions or feedback about the handbook or the PAM Contract 2006, please contact PAM at or call +603-2202 2866.



The PAM Contract 2006 is based on the principles of fair and equitable allocation of risks and rewards among the parties to the contract. It aims to promote good practice and professionalism in the construction industry, as well as to enhance the quality and efficiency of the delivery of building projects. The PAM Contract 2006 is widely recognized and accepted by the government, the private sector, and the professional bodies in Malaysia.

The Handbook for PAM Contract 2006 is an essential companion for anyone who is using or intending to use the PAM Contract 2006 for their projects. It provides clear and concise guidance on how to apply and interpret the contract clauses and conditions in various scenarios and situations. It also helps readers to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that may lead to disputes and delays in the project execution. The handbook is written in a user-friendly and accessible language, with diagrams and tables to illustrate key points and concepts.

The Handbook for PAM Contract 2006 is not a substitute for legal advice or professional judgment. It is advisable that readers consult their own lawyers or consultants before entering into any contract or agreement based on the PAM Contract 2006. The handbook is also subject to periodic updates and revisions to reflect the latest developments and changes in the construction industry and the law. Readers should always refer to the latest edition of the handbook and the contract available on the PAM website.

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