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The Societal Hypocrisy

I don't even know where to begin to lay out my thoughts on this because it all comes to me at once. So much hate, so much hypocrisy, so much mud slinging. I sit here, angry at times, but mostly sad because friends, family and society have reach all time lows.

People give their opinions, but are so far gone with them, they do not even realize they are trying to relay opinions as facts, and they actually fully believe in it. Example? Why certainly!

I have witnessed people claiming knowledge and fact in this Covid vaccination. Do I have the creators of the mRNA vaccine on my friends list? One would certainly think so! However, the answer is NO. Now, let's back up for a minute, because the creator of the mRNA style vaccines is NOT the creator of the Covid vaccination. Now that we have established that, I can move on to the example. Some have said that the unvaccinated are causing the new Delta variant and they are getting extremely ill and taking up the beds in hospitals. They have also claimed that although vaccinated people are getting the Delta variant, the only thing causing this is the unvaccinated. They are also claiming that the vaccination is also 100% safe and effective. They are getting this information from either friends, family or a news source or wherever. Ok, so let's take that and say they are getting the information from a family member that is in the healthcare industry. Granted, that information for where THAT healthcare worker may be working, may be true and maybe the people who they know that have gotten the vaccine, has not had any known side effects to date. No one is saying that they are lying. We can agree that the information from this example in particular is true. However, it is a small part of the pie. In fact, it is so small it is minuscule. You also need to take into account that these healthcare workers (in this example) have never studied this vaccine, have not created it, and have probably not experienced any side effects to date from the vaccination. They are also not experts. Let me be blunt for a moment when I say this, and I do not mean disrespect, but in today's society if you're not bold and say something in terms others can identify with, they simply do not listen: SOMEONE WHO WIPES ASSES FOR A LIVING CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE. Nurses and doctors alike. An ENT has no knowledge of something they have not studied or been a part of. They are taking science created by big Pharma and running with it.

Just because someone questions a vaccination does not mean they are against them. Up until now, never has a vaccine come out so quickly. Now, people would like to say that it is because science is so great now. Is it though? Is science so evolved that we got a vaccine for something in a record amount of time, yet still struggling with complex diseases such as Cancer, MS (my very own disease) and others?

Where does this hypocrisy come in at? You see, I have witnessed several people promoting the Covid vaccine and claiming they got it to "save society", "herd immunity" and whatever reason they want to come up with, and you know what? That is perfectly fine!!! When it doesn't become fine, is when they treat others and talk down on them because they are questioning it. These same people doing this, in a lot of cases, never once got the flu shot. Yet, wait a care about people? Well alrighty then. How many people did you murder with your germs of the flu, unbeknownst to you? Oh, you got the flu shot too? Great! That still does not give you reason to act the way they have towards others. You are NOT a higher entity because of it. You're just a human that is trying to prevent being sick. I think that sentence right there is the hardest pill for those who got the vaccination to swallow. Knowing they are NOT a higher entity because they deem themselves better for preventative measures and saying it is for others.

Personally? I do not care if you got the vaccine or not. It is YOUR CHOICE. See the bold word there? Choice. Those choosing not to are not selfish. They are not murderers, or whatever ignorant phrase you want to sling their way. They are cautious. They question the vaccine and that is THEIR RIGHT. Another bold word. Which brings me to others saying they are tired of people using their rights as an excuse. It isn't an excuse when they do NOT OWE YOU AN EXPLAINATION. This right here is the BIGGEST pill to swallow. People realizing and understanding that their wants are simply that. Theirs. Others do NOT have to contribute to your wants, or your needs. Just because you may do so to others, does not mean they have to. You do you. Let others do themselves. Your way of living is not everyone's way of living. That is what makes people so unique. This right here, is what is causing a huge rift in society.

Now, let me add in the whole "The military knows they have to get vaccines when they enter, so there shouldn't be an uproar now" You're right. They do! My response to that is, never before have they been mandated to take a vaccine that hasn't been studied for years. This Covid vaccine...we the people are the test subjects, and when the own makers of it, are not held responsible for death or side effects from it, it raises questions. If you can not understand that people have questions, insecurities, and concerns then quite frankly, YOU are part of the problem.

Biased Hypocrisy at it's finest folks. It makes my stomach turn.

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