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Critical Visions In Film Theory.epub UPDATED

Elsie Walker's brand-new book Understanding Sound Tracks Through Film Theory tries to answer these fundamental questions in a methodical way. It applies to film music and sound analysis five of the most common critical theories used in film studies, in particular genre studies, postcolonialism, feminism, psychoanalysis, and queer theory. This monograph draws attention by means of a rigorous examination of films to the capacity of both music and sound to reveal diverse filmic meanings, uncovering not only the "unheard melodies" (as earlier scholars of this field would put it) but also the "unseen images" of cinema. Currently serving as an Associate Professor of Film Studies at Salisbury University (Maryland), Elsie Walker has considerable experience in theoretical and educational approaches to film in three different countries: New Zealand, England and the USA. Through her published work, she has also contributed greatly to recent film and sound scholarship. Understanding Sound Tracks Through Film Theory is the outcome of five years of research on how to attentively bringing together film and music/sound studies with critical conceptions of literature and culture. Practically, this multifaceted perspective yields a book that is adequately accessible to a great range of students, tutors and other audiences, whether expert or non-expert in this domain.

Critical Visions In Film Theory.epub


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