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[S4E17] A Black Hole

Aside from the sitcom just showing this, adult Sheldon who provides the narration for the show has also outright confirmed that his description of George Sr. in The Big Bang Theory wasn't accurate. In season 4, episode 17 titled "Black Hole," the Coopers welcomed Dr. Sturgis back in Medford after he lost his job in Waxahachie, Texas. During the dinner, they talked about the possibility of a black hole swallowing the Earth resulting in an imaginary scenario where everyone honestly revealed their true feelings for each other. Sheldon expectedly enjoyed the dinner conversation. At the end of the outing, he and his dad shared a poignant moment where they agreed that they both had fun that night. Meanwhile, adult Sheldon admitted that he regretted not honestly conversing with George Sr. when he was still around; he added that he wished he told him that he both appreciated and loved him.

[S4E17] A Black Hole

Buffy stops by Xander's place. He is not there, but Anya lets her in. Xander has a collection of Jonathan comic books and trading cards. Buffy questions how Jonathan could be so perfect. She asks Anya if a person could wish that the whole world would be different. Based on her experience as a vengeance demon, Anya answers yes. Anya then illustrates her point to Buffy by describing how an entire world could exist without shrimp, "...even entire worlds with nothing but shrimp!"

Mulder and Scully drive to Sharon Graffia's motel, to find that she has disappeared and her room trashed, with the front door blown out. Mulder notices that the glass in the peep hole has been blistered. While at the motel, they meet Millar, who tells them that their investigations have revealed that 549's main cabin door had been blown out from the outside, something that he describes as "impossible."

Back at Von Drehle, Frisch returns to find Gonzalez in the control tower. He apologizes for their argument earlier, and admits to feeling a great deal of guilt over what happened. Noticing that his colleague is neither responding nor moving, he approaches him and discovers that he is dead from a cranial gun shot wound, in what looks like a suicide. Stunned, he looks outside and sees a convoy of black vehicles approaching. As a team of commandos enter and search the tower - led by Dark Man - Frisch hides on the roof before escaping in his car.

Back at the airport, Mulder confers with Sgt. Frisch about a possible second crash site in a body of water. Scully and Frisch depart by plane to return to Washington. Mulder drives alone to a nearby jetty to find a bewildered boatman who speaks of teams of black clad men searching the lake. Mulder convinces him to sail him out to the lake's center, and also to use his scuba gear.

Back at Lake Sacandaga, Mulder, who admits to never having scuba dived before, dives under as the boatman leaves. Beforehand he notices the black clad men canvasing the area. Under the water, he finds wreckage of unusual, almost alien, design. He sees oxygen emanating from under some of it, and after closer inspection finds what appears to be an alien body. Before he can react, a bright light shines down at him from the surface.

For one, Cisco is an irreplaceable part of Team Flash, logistically speaking. He can breach them to other Earths, which is a common occurrence on the show, and he's a valuable team member both in the field and in the lab. His powers and his brain are sometimes the only things holding the plot together each week, so losing him would create a huge hole in the way the team operates.

Well, now you all might be wondering about what the next episode of the show might look like. Here, we have mentioned few spoilers regarding the unreleased episode, and there may be some fans who might get uncomfortable while reading those. If you are someone with the same reasons, please feel free to skip over to the next section. In Young Sheldon season 4 episode 17, we will witness The Coopers having a strong family discussion. They are talking about the details related to the Black Hole and how it ever came into existence. Obviously, the Big Bang theory shall also be mentioned and it will beautifully connect this spinoff series to its parent show. Sheldon finds himself pretty interested in the talks of alternate universes and this is when we see that Dr. Sturgis has come over for dinner. Even the doctor does not hold back his excitement regarding the whole Black Hole concept and will indulge in talking it over. On the other hand, we will witness heartbreak. Missy will be seen shattered in the show and it obviously will be an emotional scene for the audience.

The episode does a great job of showing Sheldon's journey of coming to terms with his uncertainty for the future, which is a common feeling for many high school graduates. We also get to see Dale's attempt to reconcile his differences with Connie, which is a touching moment. The episode culminates in a powerful and emotional valedictory speech from Sheldon honoring his sister, which brings tears to the eyes of viewers. This episode is a great start to the series and is sure to be a wholesome delight for fans.

The sales pitch does not seem to be going well for Jim, but he is determined to give it his best shot. After getting shot down again, Andy, in an attempt to be funny, suggests racing to the next hole and crashes the golf cart into a sand trap. Michael becomes disgusted with how well the rest of the booths are doing. Michael tries to re-recruit Justin, the only student who showed an interest in the company, but Justin tells Michael he was a jerk and walks away. 041b061a72


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