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The Superhot narrative works in several metanarrative levels: the player plays a fictionalized version of themselves sitting in front of their DOS prompt, getting a message from their friend who offers them a supposedly leaked copy of a new game called superhot.exe, claiming that the only way to access it is with a crack. Launching the game immediately thrusts the player into a series of seemingly unconnected levels via different points of view, all based around killing hostiles, after which the game glitches out and disconnects.[1] After this crash, the player's friend sends an updated version of the .exe file, apparently a new version of the game that fixes the "glitches".


Post-credits, the core/hivemind informs the player that they are to spread interest in superhot.exe by recommending it to as many people through social media and Steam reviews, specifically instructing the player to use the words "Superhot is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!", the same words the player's friend used to recommend them the game.

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My plan was to add a little rampage-like gamemode next, where peds attack you - basically something like endless mode. About gun mechanics - not sure if I want to touch that topic yet. To make it anything like superhot, I guess the player should be allowed to carry only one weapon with little ammunition, otherwise gun-stealing is only half the fun. I don't like the idea of messing with the players gun inventory though. I might give it another thought if my gamemode turns out too boring and/or not challenging enough. It's my first attempt at GTAV-modding, so one step at a time. 041b061a72


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