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Bleach Episode 47

The episodes uses six pieces of theme music: two opening themes and four closing themes. The first opening theme, "chAngE" by Miwa is used for episodes 266 to 291, while the second opening theme, "Ranbu no Melody" (乱舞のメロディ, Ranbu no Merodi, "Melody of the Wild Dance") by Sid is used from episode 292 to 316. The first ending theme, "Stay Beautiful" by Diggy-Mo is used for episodes 266 to 278, the second ending theme, "echoes" by Universe is used from episode 279 to 291, the third ending theme, "Last Moment" by SPYAIR is used from episode 292 to 303, and the fourth ending theme "Song For..." by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D is used from episode 304 to 316.

Bleach Episode 47


The season initially ran from July 26, 2005, to January 10, 2006, in Japan on TV Tokyo. The English adaptation of the season began airing on July 21, 2007 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in the United States.[3] On October 14, 2007, the series went on a hiatus; episodes resumed airing on March 2, 2008, and finished on May 11 of the same year.[4]

Five DVD compilations, each containing four episodes of the season, with the exception of the last two discs with contain five episodes, were released by Aniplex between December 21, 2005 to April 26, 2006.[7][8] The English adaptation of the anime is distributed by Viz Media; three DVD compilations have been released on July 22, September 23, and November 18, 2008 respectively.[9][10][11] Another DVD compilation was set for release on January 20, 2009.[12]

A common complaint that anime fans make is when a shonen anime rushes a story arc and condenses it too much, losing crucial time to develop characters or fully explain what's going on. However, there are a few long-running shows that do the complete opposite of this, stretching an arc over a ridiculous number of episodes to animate every single little detail.

While it might sound great to follow a manga to the letter, some of these anime arcs are far too long, dragging out the story and ruining the pacing. The longest shonen anime arcs, along with the lengthiest anime fights in history, can be found in some of the most popular shows still airing. Buckle in for a long binge, because these series are overly generous with their episodes.

Updated March 22, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad: Shonen anime have a history of being long. Many of the shows run weekly, leading to an overall episode count in the hundreds. While some people do not enjoy seeing these long anime series, most fans revel in the fact that they can enjoy multiple episodes of their favorite series. These long-running anime shows have long arcs, which hold several advantages over shorter ones. First and foremost, longer arcs mean more screen time for characters. This helps fans see their favorite characters in action more often. Secondly, more episodes mean more time to explain the events that take place in an arc. Finally, it means the fans have no reason to fret over the show ending soon. Given the fact there are numerous long anime, it is only fair to wonder which shonen anime has the longest arc.

Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia took the world by storm with its gripping storytelling and action sequences. Due to the success of the series, it has received multiple movie titles, video games, and spin-offs. The anime adaptation has six seasons that cover various story arcs. The Paranormal Liberation arc is the longest in the series so far. It has a total of 20 episodes.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the sequel to the popular Naruto series. It has received mixed reviews from the audience, with many people criticizing its pacing and overuse of fillers. However, there are still many people who like the anime series. It has over 200 episodes, and its current longest arc is the Kawaki arc, which has 33 episodes.

Black Clover is among the new generation of shonen anime that have amassed a good amount of popularity in the last decade. The series has 170 episodes, and they are nicely animated. The longest arc in the series is the Elf Reincarnation arc, which has 62 episodes.

When it comes to long-running anime, One Piece is often the first name to pop up. The anime has crossed the thousand-episode milestone, and it surprisingly has a low quantity of fillers. The Whole Cake Island arc has a total of 95 episodes, making it one of the longest arcs in the series.

The famous Cell arc consists of 29 episodes that aired from 1992 to 1993. The anime episodes are based on the last 26 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga. The lengthy season covers all 92 chapters and 1388 pages of Cell's story.

The iconic Alvarez arc is the seventeenth and final story arc of Fairy Tail. After so many incredible seasons of the magical anime, the last 43 episodes make up the final arc. They are based on the manga chapters 438 to 545.

Oh, the Chunin Exams. This long-winding arc at the beginning of Naruto's story, consisting of 47 episodes, covers the training exams that the student ninja needs to pass in order to gain the rank of chunin. The arc includes both the Chunin Exam Preliminaries and Finals, and really shows viewers how long and intricate the story can get. It puts time into describing each character, their backstories, and their fighting style.

This won't be the only One Piece story arc to make this list. Released back in 2008, more seasons have since come out and beat the number of episodes in this one. The Thriller Bark arc, the eighteenth in the series, consists of 45 episodes in the anime that cover 48 chapters in the manga.

It's almost comical how slow some story arcs are in Dragon Ball Z, including the Majin Buu and The Android and Cell Saga. The infamous Frieza Saga consists of 33 episodes in Dragon Ball Z and 19 episodes in Dragon Ball Kai. It also includes the longest fight scene in all of anime history, the battle between Goku and Frieza. This fight scene alone spans over 18 episodes, totaling a whopping 4 hours and 13 minutes.

One Piece hits this list multiple times due to how long its story arcs are. The anime has been airing for over 20 years now, following a manga that is just as detailed and long. The Fish-Man Island arc is the 25th story arc in the series and is 51 episodes long.

The entire 14th season of Bleach covers the Arrancar: Downfall arc, spanning 51 episodes. The season aired from April 2010 to April 2011, with an episode coming out every week for that entire year. The arc follows the battles between the Soul Reapers and Sōsuke Aizen's arrancar army as they try to save Karakura Town from destruction. The arc is so long, it used six different theme songs over its span.

The previous and following seasons of Bleach aren't as long as this one, hitting an average of 20 to 30 episodes each. Regardless of the length, it's still a great watch for those who love shows about ghosts, ghouls, and grim reapers.

Fairy Tail isn't a short anime, airing from October 12, 2009, to September 29, 2019. The entire series ran for a massive 328 episodes, with 52 episodes belonging to a single arc: the Grand Magic Games. Now that's a long competition.

In this arc, the Fairy Tail guild decides to compete in the Grand Magic Games, hoping to prove their skill and restore their good name. The arc runs from episodes 151 to 203, covering each talented guild they are up against, from the reigning champ Sabertooth to the dark and powerful Raven Tail. It's exciting to see how each member battles it out to win the ultimate guild title.

This incredible arc is the most important in the entire series, spanning 116 episodes that are split into 3 sections. The actual story lasts only two days but is spread out across dozens of episodes. The arc features plenty of battles between high-powered shinobi and terrifying villains, oodles of flashbacks, and intricate detail about each character involved.

This fantastical, wild arc in One Piece lasted a whopping 118 episodes, airing from January 19, 2014, to June 19, 2016. The story follows the Straw Hats as they try to take down the king of Dressrosa, the Warlord of the Sea Donquixote Doflamingo.

The anime arc has over 150 episodes so far and will continue to follow the canon events of the manga. The arc has revealed many secrets about the world. It also features many epic battles involving some of the biggest names in the entire series.

In this episode in which Slammy lets Weezee--and you, the listener--down by not waking up in time to record, the podcasters kick off their Nirvana discography with Bleach. Harder and darker than you typically think of Nirvana, Bleach is a sign of things to come. Good songwriting, good melodies, good hooks. Sloppy drums, loose band, under-produced. Whether intentional or otherwise, this offering doesn't live up to what Nevermind would become, but you can certainly see the roots that would become the foundation of what Nevermind was and is. 041b061a72


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