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People Over Party

Let the title alone sink in for a minute...

When you base your decisions on party, you no longer have an un-biased view. Your ability to reach out, learn from, and grow becomes less each and every time a decision is made. How many times are those decisions based on the constituents and not of the party? Who is going to benefit from your decision? Is it just one party? Is it the people as a whole?

Now, not everyone is going to be pleased. This is just fact. Not every outcome is going to be positive for everyone. It is just how the world works. However, it can become a tolerable one, if each party is willing to compromise and go out of their comfort zone. Some just give up, and go with whatever is being "strong armed". Hmm, I do not believe that is the job, we the people, have elected you for. We have to go outside of our comfort zones and accept the decisions made for us, so why should we not expect it of our elected officials? Great question! The answer is quite simple really. WE SHOULD EXPECT IT! We most certainly should hold them accountable for their actions!

It is scandal after scandal with these politicians. Enough is enough. Those getting kickbacks from big pharm, tech, industrial and all these other companies are letting THEM make the decisions for us while their pockets are being padded. Let that sink in. Your health, freedom, liberty and all that makes our nation great, is being decided by companies controlling our government through money. But wait, didn't we the people, vote against that? Didn't we choose our candidate because of their beliefs in the direction of our country? Yet, they have turned on us. They fell for the almighty dollar and sold us out to the highest bidder. They turn a blind eye against scandal within the party in order to protect what again? The people? HELL NO. To protect themselves and their party and their pockets.

This is one of the many reasons people turned to Donald Trump. He isn't a politician, and that was America saying enough is enough. Enough with being lied to. Enough with being mislead or kept unaware of. ENOUGH!

It saddens and sickens me to see our beloved country so divided. Turned into absolute monsters. Brainwashed, monsters. Fighting over people who do not care about us, instead of looking out for their brothers & sisters beside them.

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